Jacob Nichols

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welcome to the southwest and have the time of your life.

Grand canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural land forms. This wonderful place is found in Arizona and attraction over 5 million tourist a year. This place is insterasting because you can come for hiking, picknik, and rafting in the amazing Colrodo river or you can go camping at night only at the Grand Canyon.

The Antelope Canyon

Is a were rocks are cruvd and a cave. Located in Navaio Airzona. It is interesting because you can hike and see lights reflect of other rocks. And you also come to take photos.

Major Bodies Of Water In The Southwest

So of the bodies of water include the colrodo river is an amazing sight you can find it in Arizona. And when you go down and go on a raft down the river. Look below to see the river
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Major Cites

the southwest major cites are penionx, okmhoma city, and many more and there are more than 37,000,ooo people rome the southwest. Look below and see one of the cites
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Fule is one of the things that is manufractured in the southwest.


The weather in the southwest is colder in fall and cooler all through out march than the rest is mostly beautiful in the awesome southwest
SO COME ON DOWN TO THE SOUTHWEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!