The Africa Sleeping Sickness

By Gregory Pfeifer

How it is spread

there is a parasite in the fly and the fly spreads it through a bite. tsetse this is the name of the fly that carries the parasite.The parasite then multiples in the blood stream and basically live off your body.

Effects on humans

When bitten the area near the bite can develop
a red sore and severe headache,fever,extreme fatigue,swollen lymph nodes,aching muscles and joints.When it hits the second stage of the disease the parasite will affect your nerve system and that can lead to a coma and death.

Impacts on society

People who live in the rural parts of
west,central,and east Africa our at risk of getting the parasite.300,000,500 cases have been reported and 60 million people our at risk of getting the disease and 100 people die a day.The parasite is causing 4 billion dollars a year to the lost of cattle.The cattle our the most despicable and so many die that itseffecting the farming and that affects the society financially.It is currently known in only 36 sub Saharn africa countries.

How to treat the sleeping sickness

There are two stages of the infection.The first stage they can use mild medicine.The second stage they have to use strong medicine and that can cause problems with organs or even be fatal.About 5% of people survive the treatments.


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