Deja What? By:Morgan LoBue

Everything you could ever want to know about Deja Vu.

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I chose this topic because deja vu is something that happens to me very frequently and I'm always very interested in why it happens? Researching will help me better understand what is going on when i get a deja vu. This can help others as well. Deja vu is a very weird thing and it will be incredibly interesting for me and the people who decide to read this.


Deja vu is a french word meaning "already seen". Deja vu is phenomenon of feeling like a specific event has happened to you before and it is being re-experienced wether it has actually happened or not. It generally occurs very quickly and is reported to occur to about 60-80% of the population.

Did you know?

  • Deja vécu is what most people are actually experiencing when the think they are experiencing deja vu.
  • The phenomena of Jamis vu is the opposite of deja vu.
  • L’esprit de l’escalier is a very common sense of thinking of a comeback when it already too late.
  • Having frequent deja vu's is connected with mental issues.


A study published in an issue of Clinical Neurophysiology studied the patterns of electroencephalography (EEG) from the hinal cortices, hippocampus and the amygdala in epileptic patients by which deja vu could be electrically stimulated. They found that ynchronized neural firing between the rhinal cortices and the hippocampus or amygdala were greater during the stimulations that induced deja vu. This says that some coincident occurrence in the brain may trigger the activation of the recollection system. No specific names of any psychologists have been named in any of the articles.
  • What is going on in the brain at the time?
The medial temporal lobes are vital for long-term memories of events and facts. It has been said that the recognitions factor comes from the rhinal cortex.

  • What parts of the brain are being used?
The parts of the brain that are mainly being used are the medial temporal lobes, rhinal cortex, and the hippocampus.

  • What parts of the brain are failing?
Because we are not able to really study deja vu, we cannot really tell what is failing in the brain at the time of deja vu.

  • Are there other theories that address this topic?
Another different theories is that there are in fact 3 different kind of deja vu. The first is deja vecu which means already experienced. The second is deja senti meaning it has already been felt. Lastly is deja visite which means already visited.

Michio Kaku: What Is Déjà Vu?