Ella's Awesome Health Guide

How can you be healthy?


Have you ever wondered how you can be healthy well here is how you can be healthy.


There are six types of nutrients and here they are.

carbohydrates there are two types

of carbohydrates simple and complex carbohydrates pasta is one of the foods of carbohydrates.Proteins help you grow and to repair cells to help your body chicken is one of the foods of proteins.Fats give you energy also helps store and use vitamins meat is one of the foods in fats.Vitamins help your body use other nutrients vegetables are one of the vitamins.Minerals help your body working property macro minerals are large and trace minerals are little fruit is one of the foods of minerals.Water makes most of your body use food drinking water is one of the foods of water.

Dietary Guidelines

Dietary guidelines provide healthy lifestyle choices for you.You should have on your plate fruits and vegetables on the other side of your plate you should have grains either have 1 peasant or skim milk.Also,your food and drink should have no added sugar you should be exercising 60 minutes a day explosively kids also you should do activities 10 minutes a day.Enjoy your food but eat less and less junk food in bad for you you eat junk food cause you never now when you going go get heart problems. This is why dietary guidelines improvise healthy life style choices for you.

Food Labels

Food labels can help have a healthy diet.Food labels got congress 1990 it required label packaging the labels must have the serving size.Also total fat total carbohydrates proteins and saturated fat complex carbohydrates dearly filler number canaries per fat.And they provide vitamin A and C minerals calcium,sodium Daily values. That is why food labels can help you have a healthy diet for you.


Food Labels and Dietary Guidelines and Nutrients are all healthy for you. They can make you lose wait and make you healthy.


  • Carbohydrates-Carbohydrates are healthy for your body
  • Values-Values are like something that you haft to have to be healthy
  • Sugar-Sugar is not healthy for you at all