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News and Updates from Mrs. Adelman - November 19, 2021

Important Dates

Monday, November 22nd - Tuesday, November 23rd: Secret Shop

Wednesday, November 24th: No School ~ Teacher in-service

Thursday, November 25th: No School ~ Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 26th: No School ~ Thanksgiving Break


Wednesday, December 1st: End of 1st Trimester - Early Dismissal (1-6) (12:25PM)

Friday, December 3rd: Warwick Spirit Day

Thursday, December 9th: Early Dismissal - Conferences - No Kindergarten (12:25PM)

Friday, December 10th: Early Dismissal - Conferences - No Kindergarten (12:25PM)

Sunday, December 12th: Panera fundraising night (more information below)

Monday, December 13th: AM Kindergarten attends(regular time) - No PM Kindergarten (conferences)

Tuesday, December 14th: No AM Kindergarten (Conferences) - PM attends (regular time)

Warwick PTO News and Updates

Upcoming Dates:

Friday, November 19th, Monday, November 22nd, and Tuesday, November 23rd: Secret Shop

Sunday, December 12th: Panera fundraising night (more information below)

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From the Desk of Mrs. Adelman

Hi Warwick Bears!

Warwick Elementary School

Holiday Giving Project 2021

Helen Keller once said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” Let us offer our children a chance to experience this valuable lesson this season.

The staff and students of Warwick Elementary School, along with the local community, will be working together to collect donations for our Warwick families.

Holiday Food Pantry

The Holiday Food Pantry allows families to receive needed food items. Homerooms help by collecting a food item that will be added to a group of groceries to stock a pantry. Food items will be collected from December 6th- December 13th.

Turkey Toss

Our PE teacher will facilitate our annual Turkey Toss during the week of December 6th. The “toss” is our primary funding source for the Holiday Giving Project. Each student is asked to consider donating $2.00 which will go towards the purchase of turkeys and gift certificates to local supermarkets. Please consider sending in a donation in a sealed, labeled envelope with Teacher Name & Turkey Toss written on the outside.

Holiday Giving Tree

Warwick families will once again have an opportunity to participate in our Giving Tree.

Parents may choose a snowflake from on artificial tree in the atrium. Listed on a snowflake will be a gift suggestion for a family (example – pair of pajamas size 8). Families can then go out and purchase the gift item, wrap it, and attach the snowflake to the present. Gifts should be turned in no later than December 15th. The gifts will be shared with families to bring some joy this holiday season.

Hats, Mittens/Gloves, and Scarves tree

We will also be collecting hats, mittens/gloves, and scarves. Students or parents can place these items on a second artificial tree in our atrium any time until December 13th. We will donate the items to Christ’s Home in December help keep local families warm this winter.

Dates to remember:

Dec. 1st – Dec. 13th – food items collected, snowflakes selected from tree, hats, gloves, collected

Week of Dec. 6th – Turkey Toss Money due

December 15th – wrapped gifts should be turned in with snowflakes attached

Thank you for supporting our community!

Veteran's Day Thank You

A big thank you to our Veteran's Day committee for organizing a letter/card writing campaign to send to Veterans connected to our Warwick community. The committee also created an amazing video tribute!

Click here to watch our video tribute!

November Sparks Article

As parents, we have had to consider the impact of the last 18 month on our children. Steven Mintz, an historian at the University of Texas at Austin and author of “Huck’s Raft: A History of American Childhood,” believes that traumatic events can leave “invisible scars” that might shape the character of a generation. However, recent studies have indicated that this might take the form of being more focused about the future such as their place in the world and a stronger commitment to social issues. Although we may see a cautious approach from our children, they may also be energized and optimistic about what lies ahead. Students may find themselves exploring new career paths and ready to take action. This is where we may see the resiliency and empathy that many young people have when faced with struggles. Losing time in the past year can be seen as a negative but also as an opportunity to appreciate what is ahead. Take a moment and ask your daughter or son what the future looks like. Can they connect their thoughts to the career education activities they are working on this school year in Smart Futures and Naviance?

For comments or questions, please contact Ginny Barrett at vbarrett@cbsd.org.

Celebrate Education Warwick Highlights!


Kindergarten is working on our Collections from Nature Science Unit. The natural world holds great fascination for young children. We are observing and keeping a list of all of the changes we see outside during the colorful Autumn Season. Our school setting is a perfect environment for our scientific investigation. Our Kindergarten Stars are preparing their Collections from Nature projects at home. They have a choice of collecting leaves, seeds, shells, or rocks. They will create a poster or a diorama to bring to school and share with their class. As part of our science curriculum, we will examine, sort, classify, and compare the properties of the objects our students bring in. Our study will deepen the children’s natural impulses to explore and collect as they learn how scientists approach the study of objects in nature. Look for our Collections from Nature projects on display outside our classrooms in early December😊 On Friday November 19, 2021, Kindergarten will extend our Nature study and participate in Warwick’s Outdoor Education Day. We will be looking for leaves from different trees to identify. We will examine the form and texture of the leaves. Our students will sort the leaves and match them to the tree on which they grow. Our culminating activity will be to use the leaves to make exciting Leaf Faces. We are so proud of our Kindergarten scientists!

1st Grade

First Graders will explore the differences between “needs” and “wants” as part of the Social Studies Curriculum. In connection with upcoming holidays, students will learn about the importance of gratitude on our overall health and well-being. Students will then create a Thanksgiving project detailing the needs and wants in their life in which they are grateful for to share with families. Students will be encouraged to first focus on the necessities in their life that they are grateful for including shelter, food, family, etc. Students will also show gratitude for a favorite item that is not a need, but something they enjoy having in their life as a “want.” We will continue these comparisons as we move into winter holidays when students are creating wish-lists for family members at home as we want to encourage our young people to not only ask for “wants,” but to think about some “needs” that can be requested as gifts too. Overall, instilling an appreciation for all that our families provide all-year long is an important life skill to embrace in order to show appreciation and boost our mental health.

Second Grade

2nd Grade celebrated the start of November by reflecting on what they are most thankful for! They used the writing process, their understanding of main idea and supporting details, and their ability to follow multi-step directions to decorate the halls with gratitude for all to enjoy!

3rd Grade

Third graders in Mrs. Jethon, Mr. Kirsche, Miss Krepel, and Mrs. Lee’s class participated in a shadow observation to kick off their Solar System unit in Science. Students will also be conducting research on a particular planet with Mrs. Keehan to create a PowerPoint presentation and later use the information to create a research based essay in Writing class.

4th Grade

4th grade would like to highlight a project they did within the Watery Earth Science Unit. While learning about the water cycle, students had the opportunity to create a “water cycle in a bag” experiment. These hang on the windows so students are able to see the water go through the various stages of the water cycle.

5th Grade

In science, 5th grade participated in a fair experiment whereby they set up decomposition cups and examined how worms affected the decomposition of a cucumber. Students made predictions and drew conclusions after several observations. In the end, the students disposed of the contents of their cups in the school’s compost bin.

6th Grade

How does the human body move? What systems of the human body help it to function properly? In the Human Body in Motion unit that 6th grade is currently studying, students are getting a view inside their bodies to see how they move. Students are learning that movement requires many parts of the body to work together. They are exploring the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems to learn the role each plays in allowing the human body to move. Note taking skills, study skills, and experimental explorations are all being taught and applied during this unit, and students are enjoying learning about how their bodies work.


In QUEST, students continue to work on the 4C’s of Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. For example, third graders have been working on coding skills which they are now applying to Lego Wedo creations. Once built, students must create code for their creation to move and make sound! First graders are now collaborating to plan and create a safety seat to keep Humpty Dumpty from falling off a wall!

Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration

Visit www.cbsd.org/register for more details, including necessary documents to gather in order to register your kindergarten students. PLEASE CONSIDER REGISTERING RIGHT AWAY IN ORDER TO AID THE DISTRICT IN ITS PLANNING FOR 2022-2023.

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