Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

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How People Describe Him

Most people describe Tim Cook as an intellegent, hardworking man.

Elements of Leadership of Tim Cook

Tim Cook has a lot of responsibility because he is the CEO of Apple and that takes a lot of it. Tim Cook is very trustworthy. If he was not he would be where he is today (CEO of Apple). Tim Cook also has a lot of pride and courage.

How Tim Cook Changed People

Tim Cook changed people because he is a very good man and is very successful in life.
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How Tim Cook Might Change Me

I think that if I be like Tim Cook, successful and makes a lot of money, I could be wealthy and famous.

Most Important Trait About Tim Cook

If Tim Cook didnt have a lot of pride and courage he probably would be a CEO of Apple.

What Makes Me Like Tim Cook

If Tim Cook wasnt successful and had pride them I wouldnt like him.

Does Tim Cook have To Always Be A Leader

I think that Tim Cook doesnt have to always be a leader because someone else can be a leader to him

Qualities To Be A Good Leader