Whatta Sloth

Too hot? Don't want your sloth to be broth

The thing that turns a sloth into broth is global warming

Yes no one wants sloth to turn into broth that's disgusting. But what exactly is global warming. Global warming is the atmosphere and oceans increase in temperature. It happens when CO2 and other air pollutants collect in the atmosphere absorbing sunlight and solar radiations that have bounced off the earth. Usually the light would go back out to space but all these pollutants trap them.

Global warming has had many effects on the environment. One thing that has been a big factor is the poles, both north and south pole the ice have been melting and other places with ice. The sea is rising plants and animals are moving to try to find cooler places.Hurricanes and other storms are likely to get stronger along with more snow and rainfall. Species may become out of sync for example if a plant starts to bloom earlier than their pollinator is active.

How it effects sloths

Sloths like all animals are effected by our planet changing. Although they weren't recognized as a endangered species until 2000, the population has been rapidly decreasing. Now there are less than 1,000. The reason for so little sloths is loss of habitat mostly from cutting down rainforests for agriculture. Saving sloths could save people there is a compound in there fur that could fight breast cancer

Claire Stanley