Out the Door Retreats

Gather. Move. Solo. Harvest.

Mary McHenry and Julie Rothschild

Leadership and Movement Coaches with over 50 years of collective experience

A few years ago, we saw we had something powerful to offer together, and started collaborating to combine our shared skills as teachers, dancers, outdoor enthusiasts, organizers and mothers. We've created Out The Door Retreats with you in mind. Come join us!

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Spring Cleaning From the Inside Out!

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Wednesdays, April 3 - May 22, 2013

Each week you will receive:
  • Small group retreat on Wednesday from 9:30-1:30 in Eldora
  • A private session with Mary & Julie to integrate what you got during the retreat day
  • A delicious, healthy lunch


We provide ample space for group and solo time. We'll circle up, lay it out on the floor, warm up, and head out the door. After time together and alone, we'll regather for lunch and integration.

Sign up for:

1 week: $200

4 weeks: $187.50 per week

5+ weeks: $175 per week

Retreat Elements:


Weeks 1 & 2: Clear Out

As we begin, we take the time to put out everything we have going on -- all the ideas, projects, things we want to change, things we are yearning to develop. Just put it all out there so we can see it with fresh eyes.

Weeks 3 & 4: Choose

As with a cleanse, we will detoxify. By examining what leaves us feeling overwhelmed, scattered and depleted, as well as what is fulfilling, nourishing and energizing, we can clearly choose to focus on what supports us.

Weeks 5 & 6: Create Something New

These two weeks will be very creative. Knowing what makes us thrive is powerful and provides a strong foundation for claiming our intentions for the months ahead.

Weeks 7 & 8: Move Forward

These last two weeks will be about setting your new vision into action and living the change you've initiated.

Each Wednesday We Will:

Gather: Listen and Set Intention

Move: Cultivate Balance, Strength and Power

Solo: Write, Rest, Explore

Harvest: Eat! Integrate

At the heart and soul of every retreat is the act of listening. Don’t leave “your baggage” at the door, bring it on in, lay it out on the floor, be heard. The support of the group, your solo time, and your private sessions with Mary and Julie will help you leave with less than you came in with. It’s about simplifying so that we all have room to listen, to clarify and to move forward.

Your Guides:

Drawing from her years as a Leadership Coach, Artist, Teacher and Wilderness Guide, Mary will guide the group through a simple, yet thorough process that provides the time, space and tools to generate positive change and clear goals in our work, our relationships and within ourselves.

Julie offers years of personal dedication to movement exploration. A Fitness Coach, Alexander Technique Teacher, Dancer, Improvisor and Athlete, she will lead the group in a thoughtfully designed movement practice that develops core strength, balance and power to move us through our lives with confidence and grace.

Your private sessions with Julie and Mary will be based upon your own personal goals and the work we have generated in our group retreats.

Stay Tuned for These Events!

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  • Now Ski Here 2014 -- our popular women's skate ski retreat
  • Design Your Own Retreats -- gather your group together and we'll create a retreat just for you

Come on and get on out the door! let's move!