Where to Live

By: Elizabeth Bilodeau

New Hampshire

Crime: Third safest state in the United States, 991 crime index

Schooling: 1.19% dropout rate, tenth best education state in the United States

Economy: Almost fully recovered from the Great Recession

Climate: In January the average temperature is 46 F. the average temperature in July is 70 F.

Taxes: Income tax 5%, average poverty tax rate is 13.44%

Racial Makeup: 93% Caucasian, 2% Hispanic, 2% Asian, 3% other

Property Values and Income: Median income is $64,925, average house value is $245,600

Jobs/Unemployment Rate: 5.1% unemployment rate the goal is 3.5%

Recreation Available: Hiking, skiing, boating, camping, fishing, ATVing, etc.

Sports in Area: Soccer, basketball, lacrosse, baseball, football, field hockey, etc.

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Ontario, Canada

Crime: Lowest crime rate in all providences at 5,689 per 100,000 people

Schooling: The Literacy Rate for males and females is 99%

Economy: It has the largest economy in Canada it's rich and diversified

Climate: The climate ranges from -4 C to 22 C year round

Taxes: The income tax rate is 5.05%

Racial Makeup: 75.4% Caucasian, 17.4% Asian, 4.5% African American, 2.7% other

Property Values and Income: The average house value is $298,500; average income is $76,000

Job/Unemployment rate: 10.1% unemployment rate

Recreation Available:canoeing, camping, hunting, cross- country skiing, fishing, etc.

Sports in Area: Hockey, curling, Canadian football, basketball, lacrosse, etc.

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North Carolina

Crime Rate: 37.23 per 1,000 residents

Schooling: Has multiple high ranked schools to choose from

Economy: Has an agrarian economy

Climate: In July the average temperature is 90 F. and in January it is 50 F.

Taxes: Income tax rate is 5.8%

Racial Makeup: 70% Caucasian, 21.3% African American, 6.5% Hispanic, and 1.2% American Indian

Property Values and Income: The median home value is $144,500. The average household income is $45,570.

Jobs/Unemployment rate: 8.0% unemployment rate

Recreation Available: Swimming at beaches, golfing, hiking, camping, etc.

Sports in Area: NASCAR, football, golf, soccer, basketball, swimming, hockey, etc.

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After researching New Hampshire, Canada, and North Carolina I have concluded that I would be better off living in New Hampshire because the crime rate is lower and New Hampshire has amazing schools. Over time I will probably want to move out of New Hampshire but I am now realizing that most of the things I am looking for in a perfect place to live are right here in New Hampshire. North Carolina has a little bit better of a climate but it is not very different from New Hampshire. Also New Hampshire has a lower unemployment rate so over all New Hampshire would be the better place to continue living.