The Four Types of Vegetarians

lacto, lacto-ovo, vegan, pescatarian

Know your Vegetarians!

When most people hear the word vegetarian, they just think that that person doesn't eat meat. But, there are actually four types of vegetarians that all have different rules about what to eat. Usually when a person doesn't eat meat, their body receives low amounts of protein and also low amounts of the mineral iron because it is abundant in meats. So, a vegetarian would usually consume more beans, lentils, and soy because they provide the nutrients of protein and iron. Also, a vegetarian could also take protein and iron supplements if their body is especially low on those nutrients. All types of vegetarians are allowed to eat carbohydrates like grains because they don't come from animals. Also, vegetarians receive the nutrients water and vitamins from liquids as well as foods like vegetables and fruits.

The link below will take you to a website that has a loads of vegetarian recipes.

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The 4 Types:

The most restrictive type of vegetarian is called vegan. Vegans aren't allowed to consume any type of food that comes from animals. That includes all meats, eggs, dairy, fats like butter, etc. Vegans might develop a calcium deficiency as well as deficiencies in protein and iron. So, to correct/prevent a calcium deficiency, vegans should eat plenty of dark, leafy greens and soy products because these contain calcium, or they can even take a calcium supplement. Vegans get their fat intake from oils like vegetable oil, peanut oil, etc. because they can't receive it from butter.

Another type of vegetarian is called lacto-vegetarianism. A lacto-vegetarian doesn't eat any meat (yes, that includes eggs) but they are allowed to eat dairy. Because they are allowed to eat dairy, this helps them receive a lot of the important mineral calcium.

The third type of vegetarian is called lacto-ovo vegetarianism. This type of vegetarians have the same diet as the lacto-vegetarians except that lacto-ovo vegetarians are allowed to eat eggs. This allows them to give their bodies more protein. Also, lacto-ovo vegetarians can eat a lot more types of carbohydrates because most baked goods have dairy and eggs in them.

The least restrictive type of vegetarian is called pescatarian. Pescatarians allow themselves only one meat product to eat: fish! The fish in their diet helps their body receive extra intake of protein. They can also eat dairy and eggs.

The website below shows information about vegetarians as well as all the health benefits that come along with it.

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