vote yes for school uniforms!!!!

by olivia r

why school uniforms should be worn in school

  • kids will not judge you cause they are wearing the same thing
  • kids will be more focused in class
  • kids will be on time for school

no judging

  1. other kids sometimes will pick on you for what you are wearing
  2. sometimes kids don't want to be your friend cause they judge you for what you are wearing

being more focused!!!

  1. kids will NOT be worrying about there clothes 24/7!
  2. they will be taking studies more seriously

on time for school

  1. makes mornings easier for parents/students which gets students on time for school
  2. also getting kids in a better mood for the day and want to be on time


see there ARE good things that come out of uniforms you just havet to give it a try!!!so give it a try today by voting yes for uniforms!!

Now for some experts thoughts!!!