Hammerhead Shark

Bryce I.


The Hammerhead shark lives in 4 oceans.The oceans are these Pacific ocean 1, Atlantic ocean,Indian ocean,Pacific ocean 2.


Hammerhead"s have a hammer shape head that makes him look up and down. Hammerhead sharks is mostly grayish - brown.


The Hammerhead shark eats sting rays,bony fish,crabs,squids, and lobsters and other sharks.The Hammerheads predictor is a shark and others.


Hammerhead sharks wack there food or predictor with there head.Hammerheads us there heads to catch the food to defined itself.


Hammerhead sharks swim in the ocean. They swim to side to side to side and up and down to swim.


Hammerhead also have sensors across its head. The sensors to help them scan for food

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