Active Listening by KristinaFisch

Education and goal attainment-Lesson 4 Assignment

Be respectful

-Do not talk while others are talking

-Give them your attention

Practice Active Listening

-block out distractions

-try to understand what is being said

Are you understanding?

-Do you understand what the speaker is saying?

-Are you getting the message that is being said?

-Miscommunication is when the message did not get through.

Listening & Speaking

-Don't ignore the speaker

-Focus on what is being said and not what you are going to say next.

Note taking

-Focus on key ideas

-There is no need to write down everything you hear

-Make sure you have an organized note taking strategy

Confused? ASK!!

-If you are ever confused, or are not sure of something. ASK

-People are willing to help you, all you have to do is ask