Cell Phones

Andy Pallis


Cell phones originally were not considered mobile phones based on the fact that they were installed in automobiles. The first cell phone or "car phone" was installed in 1946 in St. Louis.

The first mobile cell phone was invented by a man named Martin Cooper, a graduate of Illinois Institute of Technology and employee at Motorola.

The first cell phones were available for sale to the public in America in 1983 by Motorola.


The cell phone was accepted by all members of society because of its ability to connect the world from anywhere with a signal.

Upper Class Item

The cell phone was only used by the upper class because of its $3995.00 cost. Which would now cost consumers $9571.88 in the year 2015 but as time went on the price dropped and cell phone popularity grew and now almost every American over the age of 13 have a cell phone.
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Racial Differences

There was no racial difference anyone with $3995.00 could buy a cell phone

National Identity (dependence)

At first the cell phone was seen as a possession of either the wealthy or of those in the business world but as time went on there was a constant decline in the price of phones and eventually during the late 1990s and early 2000s the price dropped to around $150. After the drop in price the cell phone was a must have product. The cell phone has evolved into a necessity for most Americans to function in their work place and through out their normal day to day lives.

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Cell phones were originally created to be utilized by both genders because its only function was to make phone calls, but as cell phones have evolved male and females have designated certain features and applications of the cell phone to be more tailored to one gender more than the other.
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Political importance

Cell phones impact politics frequently. Cell phones, since their creation, have amplified communication across not only the nation but the entire globe. The increase in communication has made people more informed about what is going on with all aspects of politics.

Cell phones also recently have been in the spotlight because of the recent NSA scandal involving the US government domestic spying on citizens and discovering information through cell phones and other technology of Americans.

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There was no backlash against cell phones because the regular telephone had been around for so long that when the cellphone was introduced people just thought of it as a more convenient telephone because it was mobile.

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