For what technology worth

can we continue to afford technology

Technology is expensive for education due to the fact that schools everywhere on budgets.

Advanced technology is very much needed for the best quality learning. It is on a demand for kids teens and adults. As the technology keeps going on a rise the budgets stay on a incline. Considering that schools have to cover insurance fees as well as updating contracts which puts schools on budgets with technology choices. The ability to use advanced teching tools improve student focus and increase response time for learning purposes. Author Mitchell Karen says, "even with the tight school budgets, having advanced technology is still something to keep in mind."

Effects of having the best learning supplies

Many schools go into debt because they want or need technology so bad which causes them to go into debt. Schools want their name to have a a nice display, therfore having the best supplies is worth it. An analysist also wrote that a University was competing against highly regarded privateschool and public universities over equipment.

Avoiding debt


For the ability of kids learning to have the best education advanced technology is needed. These technology equipment are expensive enough to have schools cut back and have to be on set budgets. The reasons of debt are all decided by the school board.


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