Newton's 100~The Marshmallow


Newton's 1st Law

An object at rest will continue to stay at rest until a force is applied to it.This law affected my car by the rubber band. The band was its force and without it it will stay at rest.

Newton's 2nd Law

Acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass the greater the mass the greater the amount of force needed.This helped my car alot because the force was my car and the mass was the balance without it my car would not move. My car had the perfect mass and force it moved swiftly and straight by this law.

Newton's 3rd law

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.This law put an affect of my car because it was the force of me letting go of the wheels so they can undwind.

Data collection chart and graph

When I winded my car up and let go it went fast at first and then slowed down. This happend because it was winded up really tightly and once I let go all its force went at once the it started to slow down.Trial1.)215 cm/sTrial2.)161.5 cm/sTrial3.)174 cm/s


At first my car was went 700cm the it started to get worse and worse cause I changed the rubber bands. I the spray painted it and that made it brittle. Finally I decided to change the rubber band one more time and it was fantastic.

Car details. (just cause)

My car was a shoe box on its side it was an excellent idea because it moved different from all the other vehicles because of how well it was balanced. The rubber band was alot of other rubber bands tied together this helped because i could get the prestiene force applied to the axels. I recommend this cause my car was amazing.