The Juliano Journal

Week of April 25-29

Dear Families,

Happy Friday! I cannot believe that we are approaching May next week- this year is going by too fast!

Please remember to send in a picture of your child by Monday. This picture should be in color, and include your child in a "busy" setting where there is a lot going on. Students will be using the pictures for a writing activity during language arts next week.

The students will begin Spring MAP testing next week. The students will be taking one reading and one math test. Please take note of the days and times below, and refrain from pulling your child out of school during these times if possible.

  • Friday, May 6th- Reading: 1:20
  • Monday, May 9th- Math: 1:40

The plant sale will be held next week. Our class will have the opportunity to purchase individual plants on Thursday. If you are sending in money with your child to purchase plants, please send the money on Thursday in an envelope labeled "Plant Sale." Please be sure that your child understands how many plants he/she should buy when we are shopping, and if he/she should expect change back. Also, if you are interested in pre-ordering a hanging plant, the order forms are due back to school on Monday.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Miss Juliano :)

Curriculum News

Language Arts

The past two weeks we have been discussing economics. The students learned that economics involves buyers and sellers, and that prices for goods are set by supply and demand. Through real life examples, students determined that if supply is high and demand is low, prices are low, and if supply is low and demand is high, prices are high. Students also practiced finding the main idea of an informational text as we read about economics in our social studies textbooks.

We also reviewed persuasive writing this week. We discussed that in a persuasive piece of writing, an author states his/her opinion at the beginning and then supports the opinion with reasons and facts. Students had fun writing a persuasive paragraph about whether or not dogs are the best pets for kids!


This week in math the students had more practice using the partial-products method to solve multiplication problems. The students also learned an alternative method of multiplication called lattice. We used both of these methods to solve 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication problems. Next week we will continue to practice both of these methods.

The students seem to have a great grasp of these two multiplication methods so far. I am so proud of the students for willing to try new methods! Next week I will teach the students "traditional multiplication." Once students have learned all three, it is up to them to decide which method they like the best!


What a fun week of science we had this week! The students learned a method called chromatography to discover the different pigments that markers are made up of. Ask your child how he/she was able to determine the pigments found in markers, and what colored marker was made up of the coolest pigments!

Important Dates

Monday, May 2nd: Hanging Plants order forms due

Thursday, May 5th: 3J visiting the plant sale- send in money if interested!

Friday, May 6th: Reading MAP Test- 1:20

Monday, May 9th: Math MAP Test- 1:40

Tuesday, May 10th: WPO Meeting- 7 pm

Thursday, May 12th: Open House 6:30-8 pm