Jason and Perseus' Journey as Heroes

Jason's Heroic Journey

Jason had a regular life and he set off when he turned old enough to fight for his kingdom back. Jason left on a quest to get the golden fleece to gain back his throne. He had assistance from Medea, she protects him from her father and his tricks. He has many trails. Such as catching the fire breathing bull, and sneaking around the dragon guarding the golden fleece. Jason had received his treasure of the golden fleece. He returned to gain back his throne and his resolution was getting married.

Perseus Back From His Quest

Perseus started off a regular boy but he had a call to adventure when he was determined to retrieve Medusa's head for the King. He gained assistance from Athena. Then he set of on his heroic journey. He went through trials like conning the Nymphs into giving him what he needed to kill Medusa. He approached his biggest fear in killing Medusa but then he cut her head off and flew away. He returned to his home and the treasure was his mother back from the king. He and his mother had a new life and were happy again and back to their old life.

Heroes Journey

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Fun Facts

Pandora was the first mortal woman created

Hades is uncle of more than half the Greek gods