Pearl Harbor Was Atacked

Now that was a surprise


The Pearl Harbor surpries was on December 7, 1941. They did not see it comming! All the battleships had 1.5 million gallans of fule. The battleships were in battleship row. This took place in Hawaii. The battleships were named after states.

What a sad day

It was hit!

September 11,2001 was hit! SUPRISE! Alot of people dyed on September 11,2001. Some people jumped out of the twin towers. Some people dyed when the twin tower fell on them. There was some reportters. The plans were dameged.

Septmber 11,2001 and December 7,1941

September 11,2001 and December 7, 1941 are a little alike. In both places,people were trapt, over 2,000 people dyed,people jumped,entered a war, and alot of other things