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The week of 4/26/15

What is happening at the Heights...

Happy Teacher Appreciation


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Teacher Appreciation Week Full of Surprises!

Watch out staff we've got this week covered for you! We in the office, PTO and your students hope you enjoy!

Monday: 10 minute Massages and a treat

Tuesday: You'll have to wait and see...hehe; maybe more sugar and fun in the sun?

Wednesday: Lunch from Mr. Jackson's PTO

Thursday: Who know what it'll be...

Friday: It wouldn't be right without more delight!

Let's us know if we can be of assistance to you as we celebrate what you do everyday in the lives of our students. We can never repay you for your service, but we do want you to know that your efforts haven't gone unnoticed!

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May 4 - Retention Meetings for any teacher/student that has not had a parent meeting or contact with signed letter.

May 4 - K-9 Sweep (Police Officer)

May 6 - National School Nurses Day ( Read more)

May 12 - BT File Audit

May 13 - 5th Grade Career Fair; 8:30am – 10:30am

May 14 - Family Fun Night @ FHES

May 21 - Cardinal of the Month

May 22 - GCS Job Fair

May 25 - Memorial Day Holiday

May 27 - Reading EOG @ Forest Heights

May 28 - Math EOG @ Forest Heights

May 29 - Science EOG @ Forest Heights

June 4 - 3rd Grade Reading Retest

June 8-9 Awards and Graduation

June 10 - Last Day of School

June 12 - Flexible Benefits enrollment closes

July 6 - August 6 - Y-Readers Camp

August 11-12 - Teaching and Learning Conference @ Gaston College

Testing Schedules:

  • mCLASS EOY Testing: May 1 - May 21
  • STAR Testing: May 4 - 20
  • AMC: May 1 - 21
  • EOG Testing: May 26-29

Teachers we will provide teacher specific detailed testing schedules by May 1st.

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EOG Adopt-A-Class is underway!

Beginning on Monday please get with your team and make plans for your 3-5 EOG classroom support

Google Password

As the end of the school year nears, Technology Support Services requests that students and staff change their Google passwords.

Passwords should be:

  • 8 characters (including capital letters, numbers, symbols)

  • Be complex, not simple

  • Not be your phone number, birth date, publicly known information such as gcsgoogle, 123456, or “password”

  • Memorable (try using a phrase that only you know or make your password related to something you can easily remember)

To change your password follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Google account

  2. Click on the gear on the right hand side of your screen

  3. Click on Settings from the drop down menu

  4. Click on Google Account Settings

  5. Click on Password

  6. Type in your current password

  7. Type in your new password

  8. Type in your new password again

  9. Click Change password

You’re Done! Congratulations! Now don’t forget your new password.

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Kate's Skate Night

Skate night was a huge success with over 170 of our students and nearly that many guest. We gave back to our students and parents in a big way. In the past days I've had students and parents asking to please do it AGAIN! Okay ...Encore event? What do you think?

Thanks to all that participated in the mandatory parent involvement. If you did not make it, don't worry you have an additional assignment for Family Fun Night that is coming up this month!

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PRE-K goes to First In Flight

Raising TEST SCORES ...Have you done anything to increase our success?

Raising Test Scores: What Teachers Can Do

  • Greet your students at the door when they enter your classroom. Be at the door when they leave. Say goodbye with a positive comment.
  • Put a "word for the day" on the board. A word which is in the lesson. Give the meaning and have students use the word in a sentence. Everyday.
  • Give your students lots of in-school reading practice. Research clearly shows there is a direct correlation between in-school reading practice and gains in reading comprehension and gains on achievement tests. Students who receive an hour each day of in-school reading practice achieve comprehension growth at twice the rate of national norms…particularly among students who have below average reading ability. Reading is the single most important academic skill a student needs to be successful in school.
  • A student who reads for recreation 15 minutes a day will increase 2 NCE points on an achievement test. Your students should always have a library book in their possession and should read one book every week for recreation. You’ll see an increase in academic performance in social studies, language arts, science and math! Sell recreational reading!
  • You, the teacher, should be a reader. You should read at least one book a week. Talk about what you read with your students and show your students the book you’re reading. Show excitement and enthusiasm! This one single act, alone, will raise test scores.
  • No student is born wanting to read. You must instill the love for reading by example and by seeing that your students read. This technique is crucial to increasing achievement test scores.
  • Expect success from all your students. All kids can learn and all kids can learn at much higher levels than they do now. Never be afraid of teaching over their head. Never be afraid your tests are too difficult. Stretch their comfort zone!
  • Commend a different student everyday… for some accomplishment, even though it may be small. Have a "special student award." Categories may include: "most improved," "most caring," "student who read the fastest on the speed drill," etc. Have a special student award daily or weekly.

May Birthdays


Amanda Psarianos' Birthday

Alison Stroupe's Birthday


Karon Armstrong's Birthday


Deveta Glenn's Birthday


Sarah Jones's Birthday


Zinnie Sander's Birthday

Let me know:

I am sure that you all have very interesting stories to tell about things you are doing. Please email me newsletter worthy information so that we can share with our staff.
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