my family consist of my mom dad and brother. My brother just graduated last year his name is John. He still lives with us though. He is okay for a brother we fight but he can be nice. My mom is a good person to say the least. She always puts me and my brother before herself. My dad is a chef, he cooks dinner for us all the time. I love his food. He is going back to school so he can get a job at a college teaching people to cook. He currently teaches prisoners how to cook so that they have something to do when they get out.

Favorite memory

My favorite memory is when me and a bunch of my friends who don't go to school here would walk to Hastings and we would go in there get some coffee and hang out then just walk around town hanging out.

My favorite animal

I wouldn't say I have one personally, because I love all animals, but if i had to choose it would be a cat. I have a cat and she is the most annoying and loving cat ever! In my family we all like cats (except my dad of course) so we have three my cat my moms and my brothers. My dad likes ferrets we used to have two ferrets but they died. My mom always loved dogs so naturally we had to get a dog he is a little cocker spaniel, named buster. My family is big on pets we all love them.

favorite hobby

I wouldn't really say i have just one hobby because i love lots of things. Number one on my list is music whether its listening, playing, singing, reading or whatever i love music i've been involved in music for roughly 10 years. I have recently gotten a tumblr and i spent most of my summer on it. So blogging is defiantly a hobby of mine. Watching tv i guess that can be a hobby I personally am caught up on Doctor Who and supernatural. I read a lot so thats another hobby i always try to have a book on me encase i get bored.