Country Report Over Austrailia

So what makes Austrailia, Australia?

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  • 7,686,850 sq km


Australia is so large that it's climate varies. The greater part of Australia is desert. The southeast and southeast corners have the temperate climate with moderately fertile soil. Varies tropical rainforest, desert, and grasslands.
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Arable Land

The most recent report of arable land states that around 6.2% of land in Australia is arable. Arable land is land that is able to be farmed on.


The capital of Australia is named Canberra. Canberra is 15 hours ahead of Washington D.C.
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Top 3 Largest Cities

Starting with the largest Sydney, New South Wales, with a population of 4,627,345. The second largest city Melbourne, Victoria with a population of 4,246,375. The third largest city goes to Brisbane, Queensland with a population of 2,189,878.


The population in Australia as of 2010 is 23.13 million people.

Population Density

In Australia, the population density is more centered to the tropical areas at the edges.
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Population Growth Rate

The population growth rate in Australia is at a 1.8% annual change.
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The Urbanization of Australia

89.28% of Australia has been urbanized as of 2014. The amount has probably risen since then, but no research is shown as of now.

Life Expactancy and Where Australia is Ranked Compared to the Rest of the World

The average life expectancy for a person in Australia is 82.10 years . A female has an average life of 84.3 while males have an average life of 80.2. To the rest of the world, they are ranked 8th in life expectancy.

The Rate of Aids in Australia and How they compare to the Rest of the World

Australia's population has an estimated amount of 21, 391 people infected with aids in Australia. Compared to the rest of the world they are lower down on the list as they do not have as much of a problem as others.

Literacy Rate

In Australia a total of 99% of 15 years and up can read. A total of 99% of females and males can read.


In Australia other than English they speak Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, Mandarin, and Vietnamese.
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In Australia, they celebrate many of the same holidays that we do. They celebrate Christmas, but the difference is that they celebrate in summer and they also vary between families. They also celebrate a day named Anzac which is essentially their memorial day. Some traditional Australian food is vegemite, meat pie, pavola, and lamingtons.


Clothing in Australia has no rules but it is required that you wear certain clothing to work or to school. Originally they wore little clothing but lots of jewelry. Men wore fur lap laps.
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Religion in Australia is mostly Christianity with the major denominations such as Catholic and Anglican.


The government in Australia is a Constitutional Monarchy and has a Parliamentary system.

Freedom Rights Political Rights Score

Australia's freedom rights political rights score is rated a 1 being the best.

Civil Rights Score

Australia's Civil Rights score is rated a 1 being the best.

Press Freedom

The press in Australia is relatively free but has a score of 22 out of hundred with zero
being the best.

Corruption in Australia

In Australia, it is not very corrupted and is ranked 11th in the world.

Conflicts in Australia

Conflicts in Australia have been the Sydney and Melbourne Rivalry. This rivalry was made because the two wanted to be the capital and both believed they should follow their trade models.

GDP of Australia

The GDP in Australia is $ 1, 223, 887 million dollars. They are ranked in the world at 13 place.

Labor in Australia

Labor in Australia is 3.6% in agriculture, 21.1% in industry, and 75.3%vin services. So the labor in Australia is dominated in services.


Unemployment in Australia is at a rate of 6.2% as of 2015. Which compared to the world is 71.