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Interview with Joshua Levy, 7th grader By Matthew Levy

1.Q: How did you feel on your first day of middle school?
A: I felt nervous because I did not know where to go for some of my classes.

2.Q: How did you like your teachers?
A: They were very nice and they helped me learn the rules of school.

3.Q: Were you sad that you had no more recess?
A: I was very sad, I would pay money to have it again.

4.Q: How much homework do you usually get?
A: I get about 2 & 1/2 hours of homework each day.

5.Q: Do you think we should be prepared for all that homework?
A: Yes, even if you know how much it will be, you will still be shocked.

6.Q: What was your favorite elective as a 6th grader?
A: I did the wheel were you get to participate in music, art, drama, and keyboarding.

7.Q: What advice would you give to incoming 6th graders?
A: You should study for your tests and listen carefully in class

Oss Info. By Sarah Cogdill


OSS is the perfect place to be how you are and not care about what anybody else thinks! It's going to be so fun you'll forget about missing your family or anything else that might be on your head!So forget about all your worries!You will when we're up there having sooooo much fun! Remember, your only in fifth grade once (unless you get held back!)


Monday, March 31st, 8am to Friday, April 4th, 12:30pm

Camp Hightrails-Camp Edwards

Diggin the Dirt! By Faye Deal

In our class garden Mrs.Wright is planning on having a student run garden with many things in it. She is planning on growing flowers and foods. She wants to use the flowers to make it look good and the food so that we can use it for classroom experiments. Mrs.Wright wants to get us all starting our own garden and not relying on stores she wants us to be nature driven. Although Mrs.Wright is just starting a personal garden she hopes that this garden will work out and that we will learn through the process -->-->-->. Even though Mrs.Wright isn't ready yet we are on our way to a fantastic class garden.

Technology By Santiago Lopez

Thank you to our wonderful friend Mark Johnson for donating our Chrome books.We shall not take these for granted because we our lucky to have these laptops. We go on to the chrome books and read an article and the post on Edmodo ( our class site ) about how this article impacts you, or what is the structure of this article. We also do typing on google docs. Then if we have an upcoming test we can do research on the test. We can also do JiJi or take an AR test. So that is just a taste of what we do on the Chrome books and how lucky we are.

PE Q and A By Adrian Vera

Q:How is P.E. important?
A: It is important because it not only helps the child keep fit, but also lets them release physical energy and find new sports they may like.
Q:Why do we sometimes play sports that may cause injury?
A:All sports may cause injuries if not played correctly if not played the right way also school sports are not supposed to be as aggressive.
Q:Why do we play different sports every P.E.?
A:By playing different sports it gives everybody a chance to learn the basics of different sports and possibly discover a new interest in a sport.
Q:Why don't we wear the proper gear for sports?
A: When you play at school it's supposed to friendly and not aggressive also it would cost too much money to buy the gear for each sport.
Q:How can P.E. help academics?
A:A healthy body equals a healthy mind, and healthy minds are ready to learn
answers by Carolina Dousdebes: counseler

Book Review By Ellie Kerns

11 year old harry potter has a horrible life living with his aunt and uncle and their sorry excuse for a son Dudly. Harry is treated like servant! But one day, he receives a letter, a letter that changes his life. Soon he is attending hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry,soaring on a broomstick,brewing potions,casting spells,and along the way,finding out why everybody in the magical world treats him like a living legend. Follow Harry Potter on a magical journey in Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone!