The Monroe Doctrine

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What is the Monroe Doctrine?

The Monroe doctrine: A message sent by President James Monroe declaring that the U.S. won't interfere in the affairs of European nations and Europe can't regain control of Latin America. The message was delivered on 12/2/1823 in his annual message to Congress.

What does It mean?

The Monroe Doctrine stated that the U.S would not oppose new colonies( besides Europe) , and keep Europe out of the Western Hemisphere

Who is Monroe

President James Monroe

  • Born: 4/28/1758, Monroe Hall, VA
  • Died: 7/4/1831, New York City, NY
  • Presidential Term: 3/4/1817 to 3/4/1825
  • Party: Democratic -Republican ( opposing party was the Federalist)
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Fun Facts

  1. The Monroe doctrine is one of the most important documents in U.S history
  2. In the Election of 1820 President Monroe had no opponents
  3. The Election of 1820 started the " Era of Good Feelings"
  4. Monroe fought in the Revolutionary War
  5. He was the third president to die on Independence day including John Adams an Tomas Jefferson
  6. In the famous painting below "Crossing The Deleware" Monroe is the one holding the flag
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