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Why you can hear the ocean in a seashell?

One theary people have

Some people have said that the sound you hear from the seashell is the echoing of your blood rushing through the blood vessels of your ear. But that's not the case. If it were true, then the sound would increase, after exercising, since your blood races at faster after exercising.

The truth

The truth is that the wooshing sound you hear inside a seashell is genarated by air flowing in and out of the shell that creates a sound that sounds like the ocean. You will see that the noise gets louder when you lift the shell a little bit above your ear because there is more air echoing in the shell.

Fun facts

In a sound proof room you can't hear the sound in a seashell because there is no air traveling in the seashell. You can best hear the sound in a seashell in a conch shell because there is more room for air to travel in.

Thanks to www.how stuff works, seashell resonance, and Birtannca image quest!

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