TTAO Winter Newsletter

February 2022

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Winter Board Meeting Round-Up

January 23 Business Meeting Minutes

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TTAO Award Recipients

About the awards:

The TTAO Service Award shall be bestowed on a member or members in recognition for outstanding service to the organization beyond the duties of a particular office, role or assignment. The TTAO Service Award will honor a member of TTAO or continuous and significant service to the TTAO organization.

The TTAO Legacy Award shall be bestowed upon a member or members in recognition for substantial history of contributions and advocacy for educational theatre in Texas and particular support and development of the UIL One-Act Play competition. Recipients may not be current Board or Standard & Practices Committee members. Recipients should be retired Adjudicators and Contest Managers.

Special Recognitions may be recommended by the Board or Standards and Practice members for individuals completing terms in office, donation of time or services to TTAO, completion of specific tasks or other achievements. Recipients may be current Board or Standards & Practice Committee members.

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C. Lee Turner Real Change

What is the C. Lee Turner Real Change Campaign?

Real Change is TTAO’s fundraising campaign to place needed dollars into our socio-economically disadvantaged schools and communities.

Money raised will be used to fund:

  • TxETA convention attendance
  • Summer Drama camp tuitions
  • Clinics
  • Guest artists

We believe these activities change lives and helps expand theatre in our communities which affects our society as a whole.

We challenge you to be part of the real change, and as you accept your contracts for this upcoming UIL OAP season, think about donating and being the difference in implementing Real Change.

Our goal is $22,000

Is it possible? YES!

This campaign is for all TTAO members- adjudicators and contest managers alike. The suggestion is 10% of a contest fee earned for the year. Please consider donating today at the link below.

Mark Your Calendars and Spread the Word!

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Clinics and the Conflict Form

REMINDER: If you are an adjudicator participating in a clinic this season, please submit the CONFLICT FORM found on the UIL website under forms for Contest Managers and Meet Officials.

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Gearing Up For Contest Season

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Brush Up on the TTAO Code of Ethics

1. Adjudicators shall only use TTAO Connect to accept agreements for official UIL Contests.

2. Adjudicators shall avoid any behavior that might be interpreted as favoritism by contest participants.

3. Adjudicators shall not discuss negatively other adjudicators or fellow panelists with directors or school officials. Such criticism of other adjudicators shall be made in writing to Chair of TTAO.

4. Adjudicators shall correct mistakes immediately. When contest managers misread or give awards incorrectly, stop the process before the situation becomes more complicated. Speak up. Don’t wait. Mistakes discovered during critiques should be corrected.

5. Adjudicators shall not confer with anyone before they have made their decision.

6. Adjudicators shall respect the confidentiality of information that is privileged or that, if disclosed, may needlessly injure individuals or schools.

The full list can be found here:

Videos and Photos Taken at Contest

A friendly reminder-

Contest Managers and Adjudicators should not take or post pictures of a contest (pre contest, actual shows, or post contest) without written consent from parents, students, and/or anyone else in the photo or video. TTAO believes best practice is not to photo or record at all.

Likewise any teacher, student, or parent who would like to video or record an adjudicator's critique must receive explicit permission from the adjudicator beforehand. Adjudicators may politely decline.

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TTAO and Social Media

UIL and TTAO strongly discourage adjudicators from posting results of contests they adjudicate on social media. If you are a Contest Manager and you want to post results, please include your title as contest manager when posting.

Please realize that any comment about a contest you have judged could either:

Influence another adjudicator’s opinion about the quality of the work you saw even if you mean it in a very general way.

Compel other panelists to post an equally praising post.

General Rule of Thumb: Don’t post anything about your contests if you are in doubt.

Some other Social Media Considerations:

1. Consider unfollowing or unfriending on Facebook high school directors of shows you may adjudicate during a contest season. This could help to eliminate the impression of impropriety because you would remove yourself from seeing anything that director may post about his/her show. Unfollowing may be the easiest method to reverse after contest season.

2. Be aware that directors, administrators, parents and students can and sometimes will search and find your social media postings. Be careful about posting things/photos that could give an unhappy person ammunition to potentially use against you in a complaint.

3. Join the following for important updates, reminders and connections to your fellow adjudicators and/or contest managers:

- Texas Theatre Adjudicators & Officials Facebook page

- TTAO/UIL One Act Play Adjudicators Facebook page

4. Be active and connect with your fellow adjudicators through social media to create a supportive professional community.

Statements I Agreed To as an Adjudicator

  • I understand that TTAO’s official Core Values are as follows: EDUCATION - Our priority is theatre education for students and their teachers. Our policies serve to improve theatre training within the UIL contest framework. DIVERSITY - We celebrate differences and include all the varied voices that represent students and the communities we serve. INTEGRITY - We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We expect and practice personal and professional integrity. TRANSPARENCY - We commit to open communication and access to information, including governing documents. This instills trust and insures accountability. SERVICE - We serve our learning community by bringing our knowledge, experience, and leadership to students and teachers through professional training that instills confidence and provides growth
  • I understand and agree to abide my TTAO’s Policy on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at One-Act Play Contests: The Texas Theatre Adjudicators and Officials organization supports and promotes the diversity of plays, directors, and students in today's UIL One Act Play competition. As advocates for all forms of educational theatre in the state of Texas, Contests Managers and Adjudicators shall not knowingly make discriminatory statements or decisions, ensuring that personal bias is removed and that each performance evaluation is aligned with the official UIL rubric.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to make sure that the clinic conflict form is complete and turned into the UIL state office. I understand that it is an ethics violation if I fail to turn in a clinic conflict sheet for any clinic in which I take part.
  • I will not participate in another adjudicator's oral critique. I understand that I am to only orally critique the shows that I drew. I will use the written critique to communicate anything to the other companies I do not speak to.
  • I will not use other adjudicators’ written evaluations as the basis or part of my oral critique. I understand that I am to deliver my own thoughts and ideas to the company and not read my colleagues’ work to companies during this time.
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to report to the Contest Manager immediately if I believe a member of the panel I am serving on is not of sound mind to carry out their duties as an Adjudicator. I further understand that if I wait to report an incident after the contest is over, that it may be too late for appropriate action to take place.
  • I understand that I may NOT be listed as a director on any official OAP entry (High School or Middle School) this coming school year in order to be eligible to judge.
  • I understand that TTAO has a defined process for an Adjudicator to follow regarding payment issues after a contest that can be found in the Manual of Operations at
  • I understand that TTAO has a thorough and defined Conflict of Interest Policy for Adjudicators, which can be found at I further agree to familiarize myself with and adhere to that Conflict of Interest Policy.
  • I understand that the UIL State Theatre Director chooses and assigns all upper level judges (Area, Region, and State adjudicators) each year
  • I understand that Adjudicators shall accept only 6 official UIL contests unless the State Theatre Director approves additional contests for emergency/just cause. A district’s zone contests are considered 1 official contest. (Note: This does not restrict the number of workshops, clinics, or festivals in which the adjudicator participates, AND does NOT include junior high/middle school contests, non-UIL contests, or the UIL State Contest.) I know that it is my responsibility to assure that I do not exceed the six contest limit as outlined above in a given season.
  • I will not speak about any contest show to other adjudicators on a panel until all judge rankings have officially been submitted to the Contest Manager.
  • I understand that an ensemble All Star Cast or Honorable Mention All Star Cast award is reserved only for a group of actors who cannot be identified as individuals.

Congratulations to Newly Elected Board Members and Standards and Practices Committee Members

These members will begin their terms in June 2022.

TTAO Board of Directors

*Communication Director-Elect. - Carla Schumann

*Treasurer-Elect/Historian - Larry Carpenter

*Director-At-Large - Kelsey Altom Kling

*Director-At-Large - Phillip Morgan

Standards & Practices Committee

*Region 2 Adjudicator - Jenae Yerger-Glanton

*Region 2 Contest Manager - Kelly Parker

*Region 4 Adjudicator - Scott Schumann

*Region 4 Contest Manager - Mike Doggett

Board of Directors-Communications Director- Elect

Carla Schumann

Carla Schumann, Director of Fine Arts for Comal ISD, taught high school theatre for 26 years. Her love for OAP began in her own high school years and continues still today. She has competed at every level from zone losses to two 5A state appearances in 2011 and 2012. Carla values the educational experience of UIL. Carla is currently serving on the Texas Theatre Administrators board, UIL OAP Advisory, TTAO Standards and Practices and the Greater New Braunfels Arts Council Board. Carla teaches workshops across the state of Texas for school district professional development for theatre programs, serves as an adjudicator and a contest manager.

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Board of Directors – Treasurer Elect/Historian

Larry Carpenter

Larry Carpenter serves as the Director of Fine Arts for Waco ISD where he oversees 90 teachers and multiple programs from PK-12. Prior to the DoFA position, Larry was Director of Advanced Academics, Elementary Campus Principal, Secondary Assistant Principal and Theatre, Speech and Debate instructor. He has been a member of the AO and TTAO organization since 2010, having served on the Standards & Practices Committee the past three years. He is an adjudicator and contest manager through the organization. As a nominee for Treasure/Historian elect, Larry feels his years of experience managing a three-quarter million dollar budget and his wealth of experiences makes him a highly qualified candidate for the position.

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Director At-Large

Kelsey Kling

Kelsey first experienced One-Act Play as a high school student in West Texas. She went on to earn a BFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University and an MA in Theatre History and Directing from Texas State. Kelsey is a member of Actors’ Equity and has earned several awards and nominations for her work on Austin-area stages. She has taught at the middle school, high school, and university levels, and has also directed professionally in Austin. Currently she serves as the Fine Arts Coordinator at Texas Education Agency and is on the Board of Advisors for Texas Educational Theatre Association (TETA) and the Standards and Practices Committee for Texas Theatre Adjudicators and Officials (TTAO). This marks her 13th season as an adjudicator, and she has been honored to judge at every level of competition, including 2A (2016), 5A (2018), and 6A State (2021).

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Phillip Morgan

Dr. Morgan is humbled to serve as an adjudicator for today’s one-act play contest. He has served as a student competitor, teacher, department chair, playwright, clinician, college instructor and K-12 administrator for fine arts programs. Dr. Morgan is a lifetime member of TTAO, adamantly advocating the impact of participation in the UIL OAP contest, and is honored to serve its students. Phillip holds degrees in Theatre Arts (A.A. & B.F.A.), Business Communications (M.A.), and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. In his tenure as a critic judge, he has been honored to adjudicate multiple District, Bi-District, Area and Region level contests, as well as the TAPPS State One-Act Play Contest twice in 2014 and 2020, and the UIL State One-Act Play contest three times (2015 – 2A, 2016 – 1A, & 2020 – 4A). Professionally, Dr. Morgan is in his 10th year as a fine arts administrator, currently serving as Director of Fine Arts for the Waxahachie Independent School District. Phillip was the 2018 recipient of the TETA Founders Award and has served on the State Board of Directors for TxETA and TTAC. He is a previous officer on the TTAO Standards & Practices Committee. Dr. Morgan is honored to have learned his love of the theater and the UIL contest under his mentor, professor and friend, Ray Karrer.
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Standards & Practices Committee – Region 2/Contest Manager

Kelly Parker

I am currently a Professor of Theatre at McLennan Community College in Waco, Texas. My duties at McLennan include teaching a wide range of acting and theatre courses, directing multiple theatrical productions each season, and serving as the coordinator for the Theatre Department. I have served as a UIL OAP adjudicator since 2006 and a contest manager since 2017. I had the privilege of judging the 3A State Competition in 2015 and was awarded the TETA Higher Education Teacher of the Year Award in 2018.

I received my M.F.A. in Acting/Directing from Texas Tech University in 2006 and my B.F.A. in performance from Baylor University in 1998. I studied the Meisner acting technique with Larry Silverberg through the True Acting Institute. I am a certified Assistant Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework(c) and have trained in voice and speech work in New York City and Los Angeles with leading voice and speech directors Catherine Fitzmaurice, Patsy Rodenberg, and Phil Thompson. I have trained extensively with the Movement Theatre Studio in New York City and the National Michael Chekhov Association in recent years.

I am the artistic director of the outdoor theatrical event “Shakespeare on the Rock” featured each summer at the Tablerock Amphitheater in Salado, Texas. I am a 200-hour Registered Viniyoga Teacher, a member of TETA, VASTA, an Advanced Actor Combatant with the SAFD, and Yoga Alliance. In 2017, I spent the summer studying improvisational performance techniques with Keith Johnstone at the Loose Moose Theater Company in Alberta, Canada.

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Standards & Practices Committee – Region 4/Contest Manager

Mike Doggett

Mike Doggett is currently an instructor, director and coordinator of theatre at San Antonio College and a UIL OAP adjudicator. He was a UIL OAP director for 24 years for both high school and middle school and a contest manager for over decade and was the 2A State contest manager in 2021. He is a former board member of TETA and the UIL Theatre Advisory Committee. He was a 2010 UIL Sponsor Excellence Award winner. He has led his students to the Texas UIL state OAP finals three times, garnering one recipient of the Samuel French Award. His degrees include a BFA in Theatre and Theatre Education from Texas State University, and an MA in Directing from Baylor University. Mike is a strong believer in UIL, without it he would have never discovered theatre in his small home town of Rogers, Texas.
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Standards & Practices Committee – Region 2/ Adjudicator

Jenae Yerger Glanton

Jenae Glanton is a graduate of Texas Woman’s University and holds a M.A. and B.A. in Theatre. She taught middle school and high school theatre for sixteen years with UIL District, Bi-District, Area and Regional appearances. She is an Actor’s Equity Membership Candidate. In 2015, she was awarded the Texas Educational Theatre Associations K-8 Educator of the year and was also named the 2015-2016 Rockwall ISD Cain Middle School Teacher of the Year. She is an honorary Lifetime PTA Member and a member of the Collin Theatre Center Hall of Fame. Jenae currently serves as the Fine Arts Coordinator in Forney ISD, overseeing the Dance, Cheer and Theatre programs in the district. She is a strong supporter of Texas educational theatre and has served the TxETA Board of Directors as K-12 Chair, and Texas Thespians as Junior Festival Chair. Jenae currently serves on the Texas Thespians Executive Board as Treasurer, Chair of the Texas Thespians Advocacy Network and serves on the Educational Theatre Association’s Advocacy League Network. Ms. Glanton is a product of the UIL One-Act competition and continues to value its process, purpose, and benefits to students across the state. Jenae will bring professional ideals, UIL OAP experience, knowledge, and innovative ideas to the TTAO Standards and Practices Committee.
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Standards & Practices Committee – Region 4/ Adjudicator

Scott Schumann

Received a BFA in acting from Texas State. Professional Equity Internship Dallas Theater Three. Worked with CBS, NBC, FOX, TNT, ESPN, and The Nashville Network, plus various syndicated TV work. Multiple state appearance OAP director. Served on the UIL One-Act Play Advisory Committee. Served as State Director of UIL theatrical design competition. Served as Technical Director for Texas Thespians All-State Show. Currently an administrator at Dripping Springs ISD, also working with various colleges and community theaters. He has frequently served as a clinician, workshop and One-Act judge since 1988.
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CORE Values Committee – Appointed Positions

CORE Values Director – Rachel Harrah

Region I – Zachery Kocorek-Gentry

Region II – Amy Jordan

Region III – Norma Thomas

Region IV – Rosendo DeLeon

At-Large – Kim Kao Hines

At-Large – Aaron Brown

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Got Questions?

As we gear up for a new OAP season, be sure you know how to stay in touch with TTAO.

1. TTAO Website

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3. TTAO Adjudicator FB Group

4. Via Email

5. TTAO Connect Events Tab

Also, don't forget you can email if you have any questions!

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Updating your TTAO Connect Account

You can update your email address associated with Connect in the "edit profile" section.

I know many of you use school emails which may change or need updating. If that happens, login with the old email on your account and update it in your profile. Please do not create new accounts.

Thanks for ensuring your email address is up to date so you don't miss any important messages!

If you have trouble or questions, you can email

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Join TTAO on Facebook

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About Us

What is TTAO? What do we do?

Texas Theatre Adjudicators and Officials, or TTAO, is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit formed in 2014.

Originally founded as a standing committee of the Texas Educational Theatre Association, TTAO was previously known as Adjudicator Organization (TETAAO).

The current organization is a group of theatre professionals dedicated to supporting educational theatre by training, developing and recruiting qualified adjudicators and contest managers to serve as officials for the University Interscholastic League (UIL) One Act Play contest as well as other theatrical competitions in the state of Texas.

We provide adjudicator and contest manager training through training events across the state and in workshops at TxETA Theatrefest.

In addition, TTAO works in partnership with the UIL State Theatre Director to review policies and procedures regarding the One Act Play contest and to recommend revisions as needed.

We do not have the authority to change UIL policies and procedures, only review and make recommendations. We do not decide who the judges of UIL One Act Play contests will be but do make recommendations to the League for upper level contest judging assignments based on feedback from evaluations and membership standing.

We appreciate the support of the University Interscholastic League as well as the leadership of the Texas Educational Theatre Association.

The functions of both the TTAO Board of Directors and Standards and Practices Committee are as follows:

Function of the Board of Directors

  • Review adjudicator and contest manager evaluations
  • Nominate adjudicators to UIL for area/region/state
  • Govern the non-profit’s financial expenditures
  • Conduct the general business of TTAO

Function of the Standards and Practices Committee

  • Serve as nominating committee for TTAO Board
  • Approve adjudicator candidates for certification
  • Discuss issues and make recommendations to the Board of Directors

Past Presidents of TTAO are:

Dr. Jerry Ivins

Travis Springfield

Perry Crafton

Mark Pickell

Carrie Klypchak


Our priority is theatre education for students and their teachers. Our policies serve to improve theatre training within the UIL contest framework.

We celebrate differences and include all the varied voices that represent students and the communities we serve.

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We expect and practice personal and professional integrity.

We commit to open communication and access to information, including governing documents. This instills trust and ensures accountability.

We serve our learning community by bringing our knowledge, experience, and leadership to students and teachers through professional training that instills confidence and provides growth.

Board of Directors

The TTAO Board of Directors is made up of 11 Members with the following roles: President, President Elect – Adjudicator Training, Past President – Awards, Communications Director, Treasurer, Treasurer Elect/Historian, Communications Director-Elect, CORE Values Director, and 3 Director at Large Positions.

Function of the Board of Directors

  • Review adjudicator and contest manager evaluations
  • Nominate adjudicators to UIL for area/region/state
  • Govern the non-profit’s financial expenditures
  • Conduct the general business of TTAO

Standards and Practices Committee

The Standards and Practices Committee is a standing committee of TTAO with a membership made up of contest managers and adjudicators from different regions of the state. The committee is made up of 12 total members, 4 adjudicators, 4 contest managers, and 4 at-large positions and is chaired by the president-elect of TTAO.

Function of the Standards and Practices Committee

  • Serve as nominating committee for TTAO Board
  • Approve adjudicator candidates for certification
  • Discuss issues and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors

Board of Directors and Standards and Practices