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Utopia City council meeting on this coming Thursday. All members are required to attend. We will be discussing very important things that will affect Utopia's way of life. Please come to the Government Palace Meeting Room at 7:30pm. End time is to be determined. Again, it is this coming Thursday. ALL COUNCIL MEMBERS ARE TO ATTEND. Position on the council will be revoked for all that are not present.

Thank You!

President Jacoby

Laws Updated

President Jacoby has just finalized her decision for the new law being discussed for the last few months. The law WILL be instituted in three days. The new law states: Any form of complaint to the Government Palace MUST be sent by mail to the Government Palace OR emailed to If the Ms. Jacoby decides that your concerns are important enough to talk in person, she will email you back. Any walk-ins will be declined access to any government official. Multiple offences will lead to a formal court trial. Please obey the laws and use your heads citizens. Thank you.


Thomas Taffy of Sweetland became a local hero yesterday afternoon. Thomas was walking down the block to his friend's house when he heard a quiet plea for help. Thomas ran toward the sound of the voice and found a little Skittle, no more than 3 years of age, stuck under a fallen Candy Cane tree. The little Skittle had been there for more than 3 hours, with both legs pinned under the tree. Brave Thomas attempted to get the young skittle out, but it was futile. He raced to the nearest fire station, which was 3 miles away, and showed the firemen to the child. The child's legal guardian has not granted us permission to release their identity to the public, but be assured that the child is being treated for two broken legs. A full recovery is expected. Meanwhile, Thomas is being acknowledged by Vice President Noah Lawrence this upcoming Friday at 5:30pm at the Government Palace. All are welcome to attend!
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