Mrs. Hamilton's 2nd Grade Class

May 2, 2016

April Students of the Month

For the month of April, TCE Cardinals focused on the character trait Safety! A big congratulations to Jordan Hill and Hayden Williams for being chosen as our April students of the month! They will celebrate by eating on stage with Mrs. Fiesbeck and Mrs. Curran! For the month of May, our focus will be on the character trait Self-Control!

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Our Chicks!!

Over the past month we have been studying plant and animal life cycles!!! As most of you have heard, our chicks have hatched! We have 4 chicks! We have been letting them out and observing their growth! We have started a CHICK JOURNAL where we have been journaling daily about our observations! They are so fun to watch!
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Please Send in Recyclable Items!

Next week, we will be starting our PBL on RECYCLING. We are collecting all different types of recyclable items. PLEASE send in anything from empty plastic containers, old boxes, or any other material students might want to make things out of! Thanks for your help! We will be using them for our project!! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO HAVE YOUR CHILD BRING IN THE ITEMS BY NEXT WEDNESDAY 5/11!

Skype with Author Jonathan Emmett

Last week we skyped with author Jonathan Emmett! He is the author of the fairytale "Princess and the Pig" which is a spinoff of "Princess and the Pea." We have been reading lots of different version of fairytales over the last several weeks!! What a great way to end the year! It was so cool to hear him talk to us about WHY he wrote the story the way that he did! We compared it with the true story of the "Princess and the Pig!"
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International Firefighters' Day!!

Next Wednesday, May 4th, is international Firefighters' Day! As a grade level, we feel that it is important to recognize and thank both police officers and firefighters. Like we did back in September (for the police officers), we would like to collect items to show appreciation to out firefighters. Items could be as small as a pack of gum to as big as a batch of homemade cookies. Snacks are best, but anything will work to show your appreciation. We would like to collect all items by Tuesday, May 3rd. We will be delivering the goodies to the local fire station on Wednesday!!

2nd Grade Pizza Party

Permission slips for our 2nd grade pizza party were sent home today. Please return the permission form as soon as possible. Thank you! We are looking forward to a fun lunch celebrating all we have learned this year!

We are also still looking for volunteers! Please let me know if you are able help setup, serve, and clean up. Volunteers will need to arrive at 11:15. Thank you in advance for your help! Volunteers will need to have a background check on file, as well as completed the anti-bullying webinar!

Homework for This Week!

Mark your Calendar!

  • May 18th -Dine-to-Donate @Famous Dave's from 5-7
  • May 20th- Field Day!
  • May 21th - Geist 5K
  • May 24th- 2nd Grade Pizza Party
  • May 26th- Last Day of School!

Specials For next week

Monday 5/2- Day 2: Music

Tuesday 5/3- Day 3: Art

Wednesday 5/4- Day 4: P.E.

Thursday 5/5- Day 5: Music

Friday 5/6- Day 6: Art

Class Library Checkout!

Our next class library checkout day will be Tuesday, May 3rd but remember your child may bring his/her books back at anytime. We will find a time for him/her to visit the library individually to get new books!

***This will be the last day for students to checkout books for the remainder of the school year. ***

We are Learning...


We will continue our study of traditional literature. We will be studying different versions of fairy tales, fables, and folktales. We will be comparing and contrasting different versions and we will also discuss the theme of each version.


We are reviewing all MATH skills! We are finishing up the year with money, measurement, graphing, and time!

This week, we began our Fairy Tale writing unit. We have been looking at the different elements that go into writing a good fairy tale. We will be continuing this next week!

We are finishing up our life cycle study with by observing our CHICKS!!!

Next week: 2nd Graders at Thorpe Creek Elementary will be issued a challenge to reduce, recycle and reuse. Students will be asked to think like a scientist in order to design a tool that meets a specific need. The materials for the tool MUST be reusable. We will focus on this for the remainder of the year!

Word Study:

Word study in 2nd grade includes spelling, phonics, and vocabulary development. We will be focusing on 15 new vocabulary words. Those words are: reduce, reuse, recycle, engineer, design, environment, pollution, hazardous waste, compost, landfill, biodegradable, energy, disposable, and conservation.