Slavery Escape: How To

Assignment 1

Early Revolts

Slave uprisings by Nat Tuner and Denmark Vessey became a turning point in negro freedom, but not a completely good one. They showed the immense passion slaves had to gain their freedom and the power they had with their population, they were not ready to back down. This lead to more rebellion among slaves, giving many slaves the desire to escape their peculiar institutions. This also made slave owners much more cautious when it came to their own slaves, and slave treatment became more harsh since slave owners wanted to prevent rebellion. So as a slave now do not show any signs of struggle or rage you do not want to cause suspicion and speculation among the whites. Rather, you need to draw all eyes away from you, make yourself invisible so you can escape invisibly.


You need to follow the steps of your forefathers who successfully made it North, so read what they did to escape here. By looking to the North Star at night and the birds migrating in the day the "darkies" used those signs as tools to direct themselves north. They knew Canada and the free states were North where they would be free of slavery. There would be safe houses that were located all along their route North these houses were owned by abolitionists and allies that were sympathetic to their cause. When slaves would run from their plantation they'd run out of fear knowing that if they were caught they were sure to be killed, so they wouldn't stop for days at a time. They were afraid, but were more afraid of the floggings given to them by overseers and that kept them running since they knew the beatings would be over. When they heard dogs coming they would get into a lake or stream to get the dogs off their scent. So, as a a runaway slave if you follow in the footsteps of the people who went North above and used lakes and stream to get their scent off you will be successful and find freedom.

Final Destination

Slaves, you want to look for landmarks and know where safe houses are just like former slaves before you. Just like when slaves crossed the Ohio River they knew they were past the black belt and walking one step close to freedom and that gave them hope. They would no longer be subject to the cruel punishments of peculiar institutions and harsh beatings by overseers. Although, they were not completely free yet since helping a slave was still a crime for anybody in the US, the slaves would need to make it all the way to Canada before they could say "I'm free at last, I'm free at least, thank God Almighty, I'm free at last." So as a current slave now you need to be watching out for police and making yourself as least noticeable as possible especially so the people helping you won't get in trouble either.

My Route

I began in Waverly, Tennessee then I traveled North through Cave in Rock to Owensboro. Kentucky. I continued my travels through Indiana to Cincinnati, Ohio, I kept going at made it to Cuyahoga Valley Np and kept walking around the Great Lakes and got all the way up to Buffalo until I said my final and poles sent farewells to America and moved past the border into Canada