May Task

Ler o Livro casamento Blindado e divulgar frases semanalmente

"E hora de defenfer e proteger o seu maior investimento, antes que seja tarde de mais! Vamos a luta Livro Casamento Blindado”!

Para aqueles que Andam irritados ultimamente :-)Não existe justificativa para ferir seu parceiro.Estar nervoso não é motivo para magoar a outra pessoa. Quantas vezes ficamos irritados com algo que acontece no trabalho? E o que fazer quando isto acontece?
1- Bate no patrão.
2– chuta a cadeira.
Não nós aprendemos a controlar a raiva sem ferir os outros para evitar constrangimentos. Se você faz isso no trabalho porque não pode fazer isto em casa com quem você ama? Pense nisto.

I am still reading the book it is being very helpful And it requires analysing ourselves I have being doing the tasks that are at the end of each paragraph and it helped me to find more things about myself because if I want a change the power for it is inside of me I will continuo to post quotes of the book in Facebook!

Fazer amizade com outra esposa que esteja no grupo ou não aplicando as dicas de amizade dadas em abril

For this month of May my friend like Sister choose was Aline, the reason why I have chosen her was because she had just arrived here and I could relate to her personality so I wanted to get know her better. And it turned out to be much more than this, the times we meet we shared experiences that had make me to look deep in to myself when I was hearing her to speak about things she had gone though her way to handle those situations made me ask myself if I am in the faith, If I am looking forward, I I am looking to God and if there is nothing else’s that perhaps I could change. It was a blessing for me because just by opening up and sharing some of the things I went though with her also made me to review the way I was looking to myself and that it was not time to be feeling sorry but time to look to what God was trusting into my hands. The words she mention were a step up to a new way of seen myself. God wants to use me souls are going to hell and I cannot be stack is my past as more painful it is God is giving me opportunities that I can not wast.

Adicionar algo em sua casa que venha registrar seu carinho por ela!

This month of May I had bought some things for my room as there are some empty spaces. I wished to buy carpets for my room but it was not possible. I bought some necessary things for the kitchen like glasses container. I was able to learn with that task that I have to buy something for my house every month rather than to buy things only when I have a task and that even if you know things you should see if you are prating those things as it is very easy to stop to act on it.

Reportar algo que ainda não tenha dito a ninguém tanto no grupo na vida pessoal ou da obra

I would like to speak about my oneself as I have not seen nothing lately to speak about someone else. Lately I could see some things about myself which before were not so clear to me. I did not see as need to change I just kept going thinking that things would be okay I would not value to prioritise to invest in my life with God I would be afraid to loose and I would not invest in my like with God thought we are doing the work of God we all know we need to have our experiences with him to seek him and not wait for people’s message. I could see things were not how they should be but I did not thought for a change I was comfortable. I will speak more with you about that as I am now been able to work to change that.

Also I would like to say that after the messages of Mrs Vivi about our marriage and the questions the wives had been asking I realise still need to work more towards to prioritise my marriage made me to see that it is easy to use the words and say everything is great! I have been seeking to know about what is not good and God has been reviling to me that I have to change as sometimes I don’t prepare myself as I should for my husband and the problem it is not lack of time but is the way I look to it for a long time I use to believe that I should be busy that God and my husband would be please to see me busy that is why I would always be busy and I was hiding behind those things like I would think I am busy that is why I did not have time to pray i am busy that is why I don’t have time to do something for my husband and there is no problem because he understands! I have found ugly things in my but I the same time I feel happy because now I know in what I should work on and it was now shown to me by a friend but by God itself I am so glad I can see myself now and this is one of the things That God is giving to my the condition to see myself to work for a change. I will speak with you more about that.