Vietnam War

Kevin Picardi Grayson Dawes

Terms we know

Cold War- The non fighting conflict between Us and USSR. Several proxy wars of several decades were fought. Lasting from 1946 to 1991.

Containment- The method that the US used to try to contain communism from spreading.

DMZ- De-militerized zone. Border between north and south Vietnam.

Domino Theory- So if one nation fell to communism another would short after.

Draft- Every 18 year old male enters the draft to be drafted by the military.

Vietcong- Communist army of North Korea.

Creating Context

1956-Us Training South Vietnamese

1957-Communist Insurgency into South Vietnam

1959-US Servicemen Killed in Guerrilla Attack

1960-Vietcong Formed

1961-Battle of Kienhoa Province

1962-US Military Employs Agent Orange

1963-President Kennedy Assassinated in Dallas

1964-General Nguyen Khanh Seizes Power in Saigon

1965-Operation "Rolling Thunder" Deployed

1965-Marines Arrive at Danang

1966-B-52s Bomb North Vietnam

1971-Pentagon Papers Published

1972-Nixon Cuts Troop Levels by 70k

1974-Nixon Resigns

1975-Ford Calls Vietnam War "Finished"

Tonkin Gulf Resolution Synopsis

Johnson asked for a resolution to be passed that would support his actions, on the attack of the North Vietnamese ship in the Tonkin Gulf near China. It would say that Congress supports Johnson to take action and do whatever to prevent any further aggression.

In their own words

Alberts, Howard Kirkpatrick

In the may of 1943 he resigned from the army and went to the marines. He served during the Vietnam war in the MACV, a special operations group. When he first landed in Vietnam and got off the plane he was drenched in sweat and said " If you are looking for a marine for a draft picture i am not your guy but if you are looking for a buy who wants to shoot bad guys you have the right guy.'" He retried from the marines in 1964.

Grayson Dawes

In their own words- Ray Ernest Adams

Born in San Francisco in 1946, Ray Ernest Adams served our country proudly. The obedient child who could follow rules to a T really helped in his childhood development especially toward militaristic capability. Dropping out of high school and joining the military so his girlfriend didn't marry a loser, instead a soldier. Fought valiantly in the war in Vietnam especially in the odd fighting environment while gaining friendships rather quickly.

Kevin Picardi

Protest Music

Top 10

Bring Them Home-Pete Seeger

All You Need is Love-Beatles

Dear Uncle Sam- Loretta Lynn

Disk of Sun-Ewan MacColl

Eve of Destruction - Barry McGuire and P.F. Sloan

Fixin to Die Rag-Country Joe Mcdonald

Fortunate Son-Creedence ClearWater Revival

Gimme Shelter- Rolling Stones

Hello Vietnam- Johnnie Wright

I Don't Wanna Go To Vietnam-John Lee Hooker

Hero or Villain?

Hugh Thompson- Hugh's morals were exemplified in the My Lai Massacre because instead of following orders and completing a job, Thompson did anything he could to save the lives of innocent civilians. Risking his national pride and loyalties by ordering his gunman to shoot any americans shooting at civilians, it was through get courage and morals that he deserves the HERO tag.

William Calley- This man is not a hero. Straight Villain due to the brutality and disregard of morals that could rival many Nazi's. Even following orders or trying to "destroy the ideology" it was a massacre of innocent people and Calley was there to help out through it all. American soldiers don't do this. Mislead and brutal soldiers commit these atrocities of mankind.