Cristopher Colombus

By: Group 3

Why did we decided to do our work about Christopher Colombus?

We decided to do our work about Christopher Colombus because he is an important person in the History. He discovered América in 1492, while he was on a trip to India. He wanted to get there by going on a different way, but during the trip, he founded himself in a new land, but he died without knowledge. He didn't even knew how important his discovering was. That's why we wanted to investigate about him.


Some studies think that he was born in Génova. We don't know exactly know when was he born, but people usually think that it was near 1451. He died in Valladolid, 1506.

There isn't many information about his life before he started with his project. We don't know who were their parents, or what did he worked at before he thought about the earth's shape, and about what could he do to show the world the truth about were they lived.

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During the trips...

Yes, the trips weren't a rose garden, they had lots of problems. They had to repeat the trip 3 times, people on the ships were angry, and starving. They had to stop in lots of places to fix things, get more food, and even to stay a while because they had problems with the ship.
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About his personal life...

- During his trip, he promised he would give a reward to the first person who saw land. The first person who saw land was Rodrigo de Tiana, but he never got his reward.