Don't vote for John Adams!

You shouldn't vote for John Adams because he is corrupt!

John Adams can't be trusted!

"Why can't John Adams be trusted?" is a question that many people voting for president should ask themselves. There a quite a few reasons why Adams can't be trusted. He doesn't respect Democratic-Republicans, he is a Federalist, he started an undeclared war with France, and created a document that limits the rights of the American people.

Hating Democratic-Republican

First thing that many people should know is that John Adams a bitter and vindictive personality. Not only that, John Adams passed an act that limited the rights of the nation, and this document was mostly mad so that the Democratic-Republican party couldn't have a higher voice than him.

XYZ Affair

The undeclared war was between France and America. He asked congress to prepare a war with France. Since Democratic-Republicans were pro-France, they wanted John Adams to publicly the diplomatic correspondence. This undeclared war also engendered, or cause, the release of an Act called the Alien and Sedition act. Even though the war ended in 1800, the war should have never happened in the first place.

Alien and Sedition Act

The selling point of why John Adams can't be trusted to lead this nation is because of the Alien and Sedition act. He limited the rights of the Nation and violated the first amendment, our freedom of speech. He, man who wants to be president for a second term, wants to take away our unalienable rights! The sedition part of the act was made simply because John Adams didn't want the Democratic-Republican party to win in any way for the election of 1800.
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