Cold War Webquest

Morgan McDonald. 2B

Yalta Conference

The Yalta Conference was a meeting between President Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill. They got together to discuss Germany’s surrender and what the post World War 2 would be like. They were going to split Germany up into zones that they each would control. Stalin also promised to hold free elections and to help fight against Japan.

It was an attempt to build relationships between all 3 countries. When Stalin went back against his word about free elections in Eastern Europe, this caused tension between them and the United States. This tension would later increase and cause American citizens to become angry with their president for not holding the Soviet Union to their word. This would cause the Presidents to feel the need to take action against communism and the Soviet Union

United Nations

The United Nations was a formation of 48 countries that would work together to prevent further world conflicts. Some members were the Soviet Union, United States, China, Britain, etc. The United Nations forming was important to the delaying of the Cold War because it created a mutual agreement among the world’s strongest and most influential nations that they should try to prevent any future wars and help another out. It also was a way of getting rid of the League of Nations, who weren’t doing anything during times of conflict.

Truman Doctrine

The Truman Doctrine was an commitment that the United States would help any countries that were trying to resist communism in their country. The U.S would do so by providing aid in different forms.The Truman Doctrine made the United States feel and be obligated to help stop the spread of communism. Then when the Soviet Union began to try and influence and invade other countries with the intention to spread communism, the U.S had to fight against them. This mindset ended up getting the United States involved in multiple wars.

Warsaw Pact

The Warsaw Pact was a group of 7 Eastern European countries and the Soviet Union that agreed to help to fight/defend any of the other pact members that were were under attack by an outside force.The Warsaw Pact played a part in the Cold War because it allowed the Soviet Union to form allies. This then gave them more manpower in upcoming battles and wars.

38th Parallel

The 38th Parallel is the line that divides North and South Korea. It was agreed upon after the Korean War. However it is virtually the same border that the two countries had before the war.

The 38th Parallel is significant in the Cold War because it shows how pointless and ineffective the wars were. Neither side achieved any of their goals. The only outcome was the deaths of soldiers and civilians. The 38th Parallel is also a marking of the end of the Korean War. When the two sides agreed to cease fire, the “new” border was also agreed on.

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh was a Vietnamese nationalist and communist. He founded the Viet Minh, a Vietnamese independence group, in 1941. After WW2 he seized the capital of Vietnam and the Northern part of Vietnam became pro-communism. Minh was an important part of the Cold War because he was who started the communist revolution in Vietnam. Without him doing this, the Vietnam war most likely wouldn’t have occurred.

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a war between North Vietnam (Viet Minh) with the Soviet Union and South Korea along with the United States. The north wanted communism and the south did not.

The Vietnam War was significant to the Cold War because it created a lot of turmoil in the United States. Many Americans were against us being in Vietnam, believing that is was our war to be fighting.