MAY 8th to MAY 10th

Our special day's sale will be here soon

These does are awesome, Low maintenance,Good with kids, Playful and So much more Come to Jackhuahua Ohio Hotels Today

Jackhuahua's Sales Event

Friday, May 8th, 5am to Sunday, May 10th, 10pm

Jackhuahua Hotel's (OHIO)

Come to your Local Jackhuahua Hotel and pick up a jackhuahua today.

We even give you a beginners Dog pouch, Full of food and snacks !

Day events

Pick up your free official Puppies Pouchs. - 9:00 Am

Come back after setting up your puppies new home to pick your Jackhuahua up. - 11:00 Am

Show your pet their new home.

Come back with your puppies or puppy to buy them cloths, leash and other things at a cheaper sales event price! 12:00 Am


Jackhuahua Hotel's (OHIO)

Selling Jackhuahua's since the beginning of time!

Location's every where in ohio!

All they want is a Loving home!