Riley's Cool and Hip News Article

By Riley

Fayetteville ISD Field trip to A&M

When we kids get out of highschool it is only the beginning. Some of us kids have no idea what college they want, but not the kids of Fayetteville ISD since we go on yearly field trip. This was the first year and we went to A&M. We went to learn and see the campus, while we were looking around I and my fellow high schools saw a lot, their traditions, and what extra stuff they have. This helped me and other high schoolers get ready for life outside of school.

Why America Is # 1

I was once asked why do I like america so much and why do I think it is number one and today am going to put my answer in writing. A long time ago when america and freedom was just a dream but we fought and bleed for freedom and since we fought for this freedom we have our great country.
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To Do list for Visiting Mother Heather

  1. Get Plane ticket a month early (Cheaper)
  2. Pack your clothes
  3. Wake up early
  4. Drive 2 hours to airport
  5. Get on Plane (By my self)
  6. See my loving Georgia family
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