Grade 1d News

16 January 2016

This week in 1D

HI all!

Last week saw us launch a new unit in math and celebrate the end of our writing unit. You can find the photos and students videos of students reading their own work in this week's photo folder . Please be patient, though, as some of the students need to re-do their work this week to improve the sound quality or resolve other technical issues.

This week students begin to study Non-Fiction texts in both Reading and Writing lessons. See the new Unit Letter in the photo folder link above. Two other important points to note for the coming week are the use of the Dragon Bands for students to enter and leave the campus, as well as the longer day on Tuesday due to the long weekend that is coming up.

Have a great week!

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Coming Events in 1D and Lower Elementary school


January 19 - Full Day of School
January 21 - No School


January 24-28 - Visiting Artist – Danny Gregory

February 2- ASD Sports Day

February 4- Elementary Swim Champs

February 9- No School, Qatar Sports Day

February 14- Valentine’s Classroom Party

February 14-18- Reading Week

February 21- 1st Grade 100th Day of School (Date TBC)

February 23- 2nd Grade Concert

February 26- Friendship Festival

March 10- Trimester 2 Ends

March 17- Report Cards sent home electronically

March 17- St. Patrick’s Day and Shamrock Shamble

March 25-April 4- Spring Break

Let's do math together

Let's Do the Math Together is returning TOMORROW (Sunday 17th). Join Carol Little to practice the strategies of adding within 40 your child is learning in class.

Please use the following link to sign up.

Changes to Entry Gate Rules

Dear Parents,

Starting January 17th, 2016 there will be some changes for students and parents entering the ASD Campus​ supporting student safety.​

​All students will be required to scan their Dragon Wristband entering and exiting the campus. It is recommended that you remind your child to wear their wristband daily. Replacement Dragon Bands may be purchased at the front desk of the Administrative entrance for 50 qr. Wristbands will be sent home with Lower Elementary Students from Thursday, January 14th. Your child’s dragon band will be labeled with their name by a key tag. We kindly ask parents to keep this label on the wrist band for easy identification. Thank you for establishing a routine for the Dragon Bands at home.

Parents and domestic staff will not be permitted through Gate 5 for morning drop off.​ ​S​tudent​s​ may enter through Gate 5 using their wristbands and teachers will be there to supervise starting at 7:40 AM. Parents wishing to accompany their children to classes are asked to enter through Gates 8 & 10. ​

Pick-up procedures will remain the same, parents will be able to enter and exit the campus through Gate 5 from 2:45 - 4:15 PM. Pick up procedures for PACT Tuesdays and our Pre-K Students will also remain the same, parents will be able to enter through Gate 5 at 12:15 PM.

We kindly ask parents and guests to enter through Gate 8 during the school day.

Upon arrival at school, students will store their Dragon Bands for the day. They will be available for lunch. Please be sure to discuss with your child if he/she is purchasing lunch each day. Thank you for going over the importance of being responsible for these bands.

We thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we work to keep our school safe and continue the improvements to the ASD campus.


ASD and 1st Grade Teachers


Big idea:

Introducing Non Fiction texts.

- compare features of Fiction and Non Fiction texts

- explore strategies for reading Non Fiction


Big Idea: Introducing Non Fiction texts

- explore features of Non Fiction texts

- brainstorm ideas for writing Non Fiction texts

- plan ways to collect and organize information for Non Fiction writing.


Counting large collections of things.

Big Ideas:

  • Identify 10 more, 10 less, 1 more, 1 less
  • connect place value to dimes and pennies
  • begin to identify greater and lesser numbers based on place value

Social Studies

Food around the world

  • What food types are available or limited in different environments?
  • Explore food production techniques, eg. agriculture, fishing
  • Produce a menu based on available foods in a given environment.
  • Work on Project.

Reading and Writing Parent Letter


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