Black Seminole indians in Texas


pull factors

the reson the semineole moved to texas is that it was indian terrtory at the time and it was they only place they could go

Why Did They Leave?

In 1842 the seminole where forced to leave florda and settle in what is now called oklahoma?

did You Know?

That the first Seminoles where Indians that escaped british slavery

The Seminole was part of "the five civilized Tribes"


  • spoke the same languge as creek nationand the languse is called moskeege languse
  • orgionly where hunters and gatheres but later they became farmers of plants and cattle.

important people

Halpatter Tustenuggee, or “Alligator” ambushed florda milatants that where trying to take the black Seminoles to indian terrotory in modern day Texas. The impact is that most of the Immigration into Texas got postponed.


I think that Texas itself was better off in the long run because immigration of the black Seminoles added culture and more population it also helped the slave trade. (good for the people who where for slavery) Texans where not very happy about it at the time because it brought more conflicts in the pan handle and the border.


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