Dog Fighting

What is happening beyond the chains?

The Truth

These men would breed pitbulls to fight and nothing else. They would be born aggresive and want to kill. The dogs would practice on bait dogs, and bait dogs would be dogs that men would steal from homes and families and the families would never see there dogs again if the fighting dog did not kill the bait the men would.

Female Dogs

Female dogs would be treated like prostitues. They would be chained up so that the male dogs would be able to rape them and impregnant them. TheY called these dogs the "rape dogs" owners would treat these dogs the best because these dogs gave them more fighting dogs.

The Harmful Truth


The Truth Of a Pitbull

Pitbulls are know as the demon dogs because of all the sterotypes. The truth is Pitbulls are the most loyal and forgiving dogs. Even if they had a bad past they will forget about it and still have love to give. If people see someone walking a pitbull on the sidewalk they will cross the street to get away from the Pitbull because of all the sterotypes.


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