Before I Kick The Bucket...

By Soha Memon

About Me

My name is Soha Memon and I am currently studying at Stephen Lewis Secondary School in Grade 11. I am interested in discovering new cultures, travelling, cooking and baking, adventuring, and relaxing. I want to start saving money so that when it is the right time I will be prepared to accomplish most or all things on my list with my significant other and family. Before I kick the bucket there is certain list of activities and places I would like to experience below.
GoPro: Synchronized Skydive in Dubai
Swinging Time at the Oxygen Bar

Camping in California on a Private Beach

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Before I kick the bucket, the one thing I really want to do is go camping on a Beach in California with a close group of friends or a special someone. California definitely has some of the most amazing beaches. This is a perfect example of recreational tourism. I want to get out of the everyday routine and just spend a couple nights somewhere far away and just enjoying the beautiful nature. It would be great to maybe have a small Barbeque on the beach just before the sun sets, and at night I would want a nice campfire to roast marshmallows and make s'mores. Staying on a beach for a couple nights would probably be one of the most relaxing experiences ever in my opinion. Sleeping with the sounds of waves in the back, and waking up to the sound of waves. Swimming anytime you want, just laying on the sand anytime you want. I would bring sports equipment like maybe a beach volleyball, and other activities to keep entertained on the beach. It would be so interesting to see and observe all the sea animals in their habitat. I plan on going camping on the beach in California maybe at the end of university or after I get married, but before I kick the bucket, I really hope I was able to camp on a beach.
Southern California Beach Campgrounds