Dr. Erkan's 5th Grade Math Updates

Sept 28-Oct 2, 2015

5th Grade Math Newsletter

Dear Parents,

In addition to FSA school newsletter, you receive this newsletter, which includes important dates, reminders for future events, school-to-home connections, and pictures of your children on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy reading our newsletters.

Important Dates!

Sept 28, Monday: Homework Packet Due

Sept 30, Wednesday: Last chance to get a discount on your purchase of the yearbook.

Oct 2, Friday : Quiz # 2-Tessellations & Time and Temp

Quiz # 2: Tessellations & Time and Temp

We finished Tessellations chapter last week and Time and Temp chapter two weeks ago. I will do a review of these chapters towards the end of the week and students will take their second quiz on Friday. Since these two chapters are from 4th grade's curriculum, I gave a copy of both chapters to my students so they can study. Good luck to all my students :)

Homework Packets-Books and Workbooks-Composition Books

Homework packets are given on Mondays and expected to be returned on the following Monday. Time to time, there might be exceptions if I give study island homework, test, or quiz during the week.

Since the semester started, I have observed that some students were struggling with carrying their math binders, books, and workbooks from their lockers to my classroom. I decided to keep their books and workbooks in the class. Students may take them home on Friday if they would like to.

In order to help students stay organized, I would like my students to use graph ruled composition book to take notes. Please send a graph ruled composition book (100 pgs) by Sept 30, Wednesday. They will also keep their notebooks in class during the week. Students may take their notebooks home when they want to study.


I started using Remind App to send parents reminders for upcoming homework submission or test/quiz/exam. All you need to do is to send a text message to 81010 and type @drerka in your message. Please sign up as soon as you can so we can speed up the communication process.

Geoboard Activity and Tessellations

We had a math-tastic week in 5th grade math class. Students worked in groups to explore the perimeter and the area of rectangle and square by using their Geoboards and rubber bands. They recorded their findings and compared the areas of different rectangles with the same perimeter. They concluded that as the difference between the length and the width decreases, the area gets bigger.

Towards the end of the week, we learned about Tessellations. Students created their very own Tessellations. Enjoy the pictures below!

School-to-Home Connections

We started a new chapter. Chapter 2: Whole Number Multiplication and Division. Please see the school-to-home connections below!
Big image

Tutoring Session

My tutoring day has changed from Tuesday to Monday, 3:40-4:20 pm. I will be happy to help your child with his/her questions.


Last chance to get a discount on your purchase of the yearbook! 15% off if purchased by September 30th!

To purchase and CUSTOMIZE your yearbook, go to: www.TreeRing.com/validateand enter the FSAPS passcode: 1013541294622699

Even if you do not plan to purchase a yearbook this year, please create an account. You may use the same account every year, and you will be able to share photos online within the FSAPS family (and help contribute pictures to the yearbook!).