American WW1 Casualties

According to Battle

Battle of Ypres

October 19, 1914- November 22, 1914. Locals say that 10,000 German troops showed up on October 7 and prepared to fight.
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Second Battle of the Marne

Fought July 15, 1918 - August 5, 1918. At this battle, there was 85000 American troops, 12000 of which died. This means that 1 in every 7 or 8 died.
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General John Pershing

He was a US Army General who commanded troops in Europe. When he was going through military school people called him Black Jack because he had iron discipline. He was the general that separated American soldiers into their own regiment instead of combining armies. This allowed him to choose which soldiers fought and prevent deaths. One of his strats was baiting the German Army to attack the French and then out of nowhere he appears with 500,000 soldiers and obliterates them.
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