Too Sweet for the Street!

Tim Needs A Home

We have zero idea how anyone wouldn’t want this amazing guy, but alas, Tim was found in a local park wanting inside badly. A good Samaritan couldn’t resist, and he’s now in a foster home awaiting his forever family. Tim is such a good boy, gentle and loving attention. He always wants to be near people, or on people, as he is a total lap kitty. He loves to bury his head in your hand and he comes to greet you when called! A gorgeous Maine Coon with massive paws, which he never uses to scratch (truly, his foster family has not seen him scratch one thing), but instead uses for biscuit making, in the air, on any free limb, on your lap. Chirpy and inquisitive. He likes to play and he loves his canned food. He looks huge, but he is only about 9 pounds, a big furball, very soft too. 100% litter box usage!! He hasn’t reacted negatively to seeing other cats and his foster family will begin introducing him to their clan. Tim has a heart murmur and will be evaluated further soon, but he seems to be a normal and healthy cat. Tim is three years old, up-to-date on all shots, chipped, and ready to go home! He is up for adoption through AARF.

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