the RAH

May 1-5, 2017

Alike short film

from J-

The Good:

During my site visits and a few drop ins, I'm so appreciative of the positivity you are driving at your site. This does not mean all is peachy; in fact, I don't recall in recent years a time when stress & anxiety levels were this high and morale was this low. I appreciate that you feel comfortable in unloading on and with me. But every one of those couch sessions has resulted in renewed commitment to giving your best for staff and students through the very last day. And at the end of the day, you still LOVE your job.

The Bad:

My socks. They are going to get me fired someday.

The Ugly:

It's not really fair to call these ugly, as it is more about these are items that should be on your must do list. Let me acknowledge that I know the plate is full. Assessments and surveys galore. Accept this as a reminder of some asks that are on your plate that should begin to resurface as priorities as assessments are completed.

The ERP Survey has been extended until May 12. You should have received an email from Panorama giving you access to your response rates. If you have not received this email, please let Jill Palmer

SPS Now registration is still going, but the window closes May 1. See Allison Pilley's email sent 4/27 labeled RE: SPS Now Registration/Summer Learning Opportunities.

The Beautiful:

The film clip at the top of the RAH. If you skipped over it, go back and watch. An extremely powerful clip considering it is an animation with no dialogue. How do you keep from losing your color? How do you keep your kiddos from losing theirs? What ideas & discussion does this prompt for you?

from Bret-

I met my goal this week and provided Tower feedback to 4 principals. During May, my focus will be on closing out growth plans and finishing summative evaluations.

Due to concerns about room space and parking at the Rosanne Bentley Administrative Center, we have moved the final PTA Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 3rd to Sherwood Elementary in the Project Lab. It would be appreciated if you could communicate this change to your PTA units.

Once MAP testing is over, I hope you will help us push Explore enrollment. A couple of pointers:

1. Work closely with your Explore liaison to identify students who are not enrolled, especially FRL students.

2. Ask teachers to make personal contact with students not enrolled and ask for updates on this progress (what gets monitored, gets done). The best way is face-to-face or by phone.

3. If you have remaining Spring events, set up an Explore table and enroll students at the event.

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Correction from Last Week...

Information will be coming to the elementary (9.6 month) secretaries soon. For your planning and awareness:

July 24 - Elementary secretaries (9.6) return to work/first contract day. As we have done for the past few years, they will have a few days to set up shot.

July 27-28 - training days

Jul 31 - school office open for business

Aug 1 - targeted new student enrollment date (although they can enroll online at anytime, we still push for an unofficial enrollment date a few weeks before the first day of class).