By: Connor Lockwood

Capital and Meaning of The Flag Of Liechtenstein

Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein. Also the blue and the red in the flag means it is a part of the Holy Roman Empire and the gold crown means independence and it's recognition as a principality.


The environment has lot's of hills and mountains so if people want to settle in Liechtenstein they would have to build around mountains and hills.


Liechtenstein has a constitutional monarchy and has an unlimited government. It is ruled by Prince Hans- Adams, Prince Franz Josef. The main role the people of Liechtenstein have is to pick the leader of their country.


The GDP of Liechtenstein in 5.488 billion dollars. They use Swiss France money and some exports in Liechtenstein are machinery, connectors for audio and video, parts for motor vehicles, dental products, hardware,...

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 82.38 years.

BIRTH RATE: 10.53 births/1,000 population.

LITERACY RATE: 10 years and older can read and write,100% population.

DRINKING WATER SOURCE: Salinas River is the main water source.


The main language of Liechtenstein is German. The people of Liechtenstein look most of the time formal or nice. Most people in Liechtenstein are white and most people have brown or blonde hair in Liechtenstein.


It is very cold and rainy in Liechtenstein but it gets little snow. The average monthly temperature is 28 degrees Fahrenheit. The average yearly temperature ranges from negative 1 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is about 1,000 mm.


When Liechtenstein became a member of the German Confederation it abolished it's own army in 1868. Also by toughening their laws they got to make an effort cleaning up their financial practice. Liechtenstein was founded in 1719.

Compare and Contrast to the United States

Every body in Liechtenstein wears hats, long socks, and other nice clothes but the United states wears all different types of clothes. Also Liechtenstein mostly speaks German but the United States speaks all different types of language. Liechtenstein has a unlimited government but the United States has an limited government.


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