Nurse Practitioners

Aimee Johnston

What Do They Do?

Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses who have additional training. They serve as primary and specialty care providers. They treat and care for patients with a broad range of health issues.
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Working Conditions

Have a high level of social interaction. They constantly talk to patients, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. Are exposed to diseases and infections on a daily basis, Must be very exact and accurate when performing the job. Patient healthy depends on their ability to diagnosis and treat. Usually work more than 40 hours per week.

Yearly wages

The yearly wages is $89,640 per year.

Preparation and Training

Having a high school diploma or equivalent, have a bachelor’s degree in nursing, graduate from a nurse practitioner degree program, be licensed as a registered nurse, and be certified as a nurse practitioner.
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Important skills and abilities

Understand spoken information, Speak clearly so listeners can understand, Notice when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong, and use scientific methods to solve problems.

Recommended Core Classes and Electives

Anatomy and Physiology, Computer Applications, Health Education, Introduction to Health Care, Nursing, Safety and First Aid

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Annual Openings

The Annual Openings are high.
All About Being A Nurse Practitioner