October Recap

Even MORE Gifts to Wrap Up Your Season.

Yes, I know this information is in the Lounge, but it is that BIG it bears repeating! Do you realize what you can earn if you decide to take action for the next 6 weeks of the year? I've been telling everyone and now I am telling you - ANYTHING can happen in the month of November! Go ahead - DECLARE YOUR GOAL on our Facebook page! I dare you :)

The Holidays are coming early at Stella & Dot and we have decided to put even MORE gifts into Wrap Up The Season! In addition to the Spring 2014 Hostess Exclusives and mini iPad you’re already working hard to earn, you’re also earning Product Credit to sample the Spring Line! Product Credits begin racking up with just $2,000 in sales and continue to grow with your sales through December. This is IN ADDITION to the credits you’re already earning with your Consistency Bonus & Stellar Seller rewards, not to mention Jumpstart for all our NEW Stylists. Want one more TREAT? This is RETROACTIVE to October 1 – that means if you’ve already sold – you’ve ALREADY EARNED!

Not only are you earning commission for the holidays, but you're also earning everything you need to Book (Hostess Exclusives), Sell (iPad mini AND your spring samples) and Sponsor (all your Hostesses and customers from the holidays!) in the New Year. Who needs New Years’ Resolutions when you're having fun styling and sharing to Wrap up your Season!

Make sure to pint out the updated Wrap Up the Season goal tracker (on the WUTS page in the lounge) to track your success. The social season is just getting started and there's plenty of time to earn it all…you've got this!

A BIG, Heartfelt Welcome to our Newest Team Members

Liz Skorny - 10/3
Sponsor: Rene Kauder

Tori Ramey - 10/7
Sponsor: Rene Kauder

Michelle Valderrama - 10/25
Sponsor: Jennipher Hagenmayer

Nance Fernando - 10/25

Sponsor: Sheila Markowitz

Monica Monfre - 10/29
Sponsor: Angela Das

Our Top 10 in Retail Sales and those who Qualified for the Month of October!

Congratulations Deanne Kasim for Being #1 in Sales this Month!!!

1. Deanne Kasim 3980.50

2. Sheila Markowitz 3719.80

3. Rene Kauder 3624.13

4. Joelly Belman 3013.05

5. Pamela Wimmer 1763.00

6. Jennifer Judge 1563.23

7. Leslie Borkenhagen 1515.05

8. Lisa Clark 1496.50

9. Kisha Brown-Richards 1282.00

10. Shirlene Archer 1122.00

11. Felicia Brown 923.00

12. Jennipher Hagenmayer 714.25

13. Tracy Baschke 649.02

14. Kimberly Rieara 511.5

15. Adrianna Markowitz 507.00

Welcome Back from Mexico Joelly!

Yes, I have to admit I stalked yours and many others Facebook pages while you were all having fun in the sun earlier this month looking at those fabulous photos! I'm so happy that your were one of the top 1% in the company and were able to earn this amazing trip. It looks like you had a wonderful time and I know I cannot wait to be there with you next year! Who else is in?

The October Finish Line

Congratulations for Qualifying in October. You are one step closer to winning an iPad mini and earning your $100 Consistency Bonus for Q4.

Stay tuned for the drawing of prizes.

Director's Retreat Anyone?

Register now for Directors Retreat at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport! Monday, January 6, 2014 - Wednesday, January 8, 2014.


Who should attend?

Stella and Dot leaders and any Stylists that want to grow a team in 2014.

Qualifications to attend:

  • Career Level Associate Directors & above in Dec 2013
  • Career Level Star Stylists in Dec 2013 who earned Star Pay Rank 3 out of 4 months from Sept-Dec 2013 AND Sponsor & Qualify (325PCV) at least 2 new Stylists from Sept-Dec 2013
  • Any Stylist (regardless of Career Level) from Sept-Dec 2013 who sells $15,000 retail sales (including TS & Consumer) AND Sponsor & Qualify (325PCV) at least 3 new Stylists
  • Any Stylist (regardless of Career Level) who sells $30,000k+ Sept-Dec 2013

Your registration includes:

  • Exclusive first viewing of the Spring 2014 collection - launching live at Directors Retreat!
  • Vision and inspiration from your CEO, Jessica Herrin
  • Spring runway and styling trends from CCO, Blythe Harris
  • Professional leadership development program
  • Customized training workshops based on your goals
  • Spring line swag and business supplies
  • Morning coffee and lunch
  • Dance party with DJ O!

Please let me know if you have set a goal to get yourself to this Leader Retreat so I can help make sure you are tracking each month!

Rene Kauder, Independent Star Stylist and Mentor

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