Code Talker

by: Joseph Bruchac

Code Talker Review

Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac is a historical fiction novel. Joseph Bruchac is known for making stories about the Native Americans but this one is probably his best because it tells an untold story about the braveness of Navajo soldiers fighting a war for someone else. On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 7.

Kii Yazhil is only 6 when his uncle convinces his parents to send him to a boarding school to get an education. But when he learns that almost all white people think the Navajo culture is inferior he decides to work hard to prove that he is just as good as any other white person. U But when he is 14, war breaks out between Japan and the U.S. and he wants to join the cause, especially when he is told that they are looking for Navajo speakers. 2 years later he enlists in the marines, breezes through boot camp, and goes to the pacific to fight against the Japanese using a special code that only Navajos are able to understand. He sends encrypted messages back and forth using the Navajo language while enduring the heaviest fighting and the horrors of war.

The story takes place as he fights against the Japanese at different campaigns through the south pacific islands. These islands include Iwo Jima, Bougainville and the Philippines. They tell the story of how the Japanese fought extremely well because of the nationalism and propaganda and it tells just how hard it was take over a small island. It shows him sitting in a foxhole waiting out the battle and sending messages and even him taking a hike through the jungle.

The story’s plot was really unclear in the last half of the book and it only talked about the fighting going on between the Japanese troops and the Americans. The details were very good though and they told how hard life was for the marines during WWII. For the first half of the book the plot was that he wanted to prove the racist white people wrong by saying that Navajos and their culture are going to be useful as anyone else.

This novel is a good novel but is much exaggerated at times. My rating for this novel would be 3 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this novel to people that are particularly interested in WWII because of the historical facts and dates in this novel.

Echo Gun

Bring it into Action!
Spin those trails around!
There's grunts up the sharp end,
screaming out for rounds.

Set the elevation!
Traverse on for line!
Stratton's just a'loaded,
there's still a little time.

Me, I'm on the left side!
Bob, he's on the right!
Dingus yells "You Ready Subs?"
the method's "Battery Right".

When the mission's over!
"Detachments to the Rear!"
"A little slow that time Subs",
John whispers in my ear.

Narrative Piece

just as the firefly whooshed by my head i heard a crunch, i immediately looked back and saw douglas on the muddy floor without his helmet. I call "MEDIC" but no body heres my shout. Douglas suddenly rolls over and starts laughing and i realize that he is alive! "holy cow how are you alive?" he gets up and picks up his helmet and says" This is a hardhat area only!" and points to the bullet still lodged into the helmet. "thats gonna leave a bump!" says Anthony, who was beside me in our trench returning fire. i look at my helmet on the floor, too big for me. i still put it on figuring a helmet that could fall off is better that no helmet at all, my name is Pvt. Mike Sullivan i am a small but strong marine. i look over the trench and douglas cracks out "need a boost little buddy?" i simply say "bigger guys make bigger targets." douglas is a wisecracking joker from texas he is 19 but looks more like 25 since the blood and mud has caked his face for over 3 days on sulphur island also known as Iwo Jima.
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Informative Piece Iwo Jima

The battle of Iwo Jima began on February 19,1945 and was a key part for the war against japan as it was close enough to bomb japan. Of the 23000 Japanese soldiers that fought only 1083 survived and were captured two of whom did not surrender until 1951. american losses were 5900 dead and 17400 wounded.


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