Jordan N Tedford

" Positivity is the key." by unknown

Who Am I.

My interests include: hunting, fishing, archery, four wheeling, and hanging with friends.

My values are: family, god, and friends.

My skills are: archery, and drawing.

Where Am I Going

My career as a vet.

Job Description: treat sick or injured aniamals, also examine animals to detect injuries or diseases.

Median salary: $84,460

Job outlook: very bright

Cluster: Agricultrue, food, and natural resources.

Work schedule: 12 hours

Work environment: organized work rooms

Intresting fact: approximatly 80% of students in veterinary school are female.

pictures of vets

How Do I Get There.

college I would like to go to: Arkansas Tech University-Ozark

It is located in Ozark.

It is close to home and yes the do have the classes for the job im wanting.

I will need a DMV and I will also need a batcholers degree.

It will be $199.00 per hour

Some would have to girl scouts and voleenturing