Speech Recognition

Colleen McBride

When typing an assignment, brainstorming ideas, or any writing task inside a classroom, those who have difficulty physically writing will always struggle. Those who do struggle can use their oral skills to accomplish a task through speech recognition software.

What Is It?

Speech recognition systems work by someone speaking into a device. The recognition system works with a word processing system, such as Microsoft Word, and allows users to dictate through the use of a microphone. The more a user utilizes this system, the more the system will recognize the words of the speaker. If the system makes a mistake in recognizing a word spoken by a user, there is the option to correct the word based on a list of similar words. This system would be beneficial for someone who struggles writing and has strong oral skills.

Microsoft Windows offers a version of speech recognition software. Users have the option to control the computer and dictate and edit text all through dictation. This program is built into different Windows operating systems and is free to use.

Uses Inside a Classroom

Possible Reasons for Implication

Physical Disability – Student is unable to use a mouse or keyboard

Learning Disability – Students who’s disability does not allow them to spell or write legibly

The form of assistive technology would allow a student to have their ideas written down regardless of their disability. This tool can be implemented inside a classroom simply by making it available to students who would benefit from it. Allowing students to use it for things such as brainstorming, drafting, or reflecting would be beneficial. Students should have access to this tool both inside and outside of the classroom. By using this tool, accommodations would be made in regards to a students writing.

Short (3:15) demonstration of MS Speech Recognition in Microsoft Word


Students, parents and teachers all need basic training when it comes to utilizing voice recognition software. Students need to feel comfortable using this system in order to use it effectively. All participating parties should have the system modeled as well as be allowed to test out the recognition software.

Technical Requirements

For this assistive technology to be implements effectively, users must have access to a computer with a working microphone.